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Julian pulls himself together to try and patch things up with Tandy.

The traffic outside the towering Manhattan high rise was about what one would expect for the middle of the day in the city. Julian was leaning against his car, illegally parked in front of the building- a ticket for his heinous violation of parking laws in his hand from the meter-maid that had passed this way ten minutes before. Despite the man's rude demeanor, and what he expected was an unjustly higher fine, Julian refused to move- not until his mission was complete. A mission in which the dozen red roses in his left prosthetic were entirely necessary.

Tandy emerged from the building a few moments later. She had stayed there the night before because she was too tired to drive all the way back to the Mansion. From flying all over Europe to her last day at Adri's Company, she just needed somewhere to crash. Looking up to see a familiar face with a dozen red roses, "Julian?" Tan wasn't expecting to see him especially since they seemed to be on a rocky road since his incident. "What a lovely surprise."

He held the flowers out for her and smiled, a little bit sheepishly. "I think you may recall that I can be lovely if I try." He was trying incredibly hard to have confidence, but the fact that the mechanical hands he was holding the stems by were blocking his powers was making it difficult to find bravado.

Taking the flowers and she couldn't help the smile that formed on her lips, "I do recall. They are beautiful. Is this peace offering?" She asked, hoping it was.

"Surrender," Julian quirked his lips to the side and winked. "Surrendering to the fact that I was an asshole, and took out my...loss, on you." Suddenly more conscious of his hands, he slid them into his pockets.

Tandy moved quickly and wrapped her free arm around his. "It was a loss and I don't blame you. Granted it hurt but it is something that is life changing. It doesn't make me love you any less." Looking down at the flower, "I accept your surrender. On one condition."

Julian nodded, "Anything." There story had its twists and turns, but he was certain that she wouldn't demand anything too outrageous.

"That you don't push away people who just want to help." She nodded and looked over at his car, "I think you are about to get a ticket from the metermaid."

The officer was already filling out the ticket when Julian turned around. He sighed and turned back toward Tandy, "I really need to file for a handicapped tag...not sure if they'll let me keep my license though without hands." He winked and pressed on without waiting for her to react, "Want to get out of here?" A flash went off nearby, a lone paparazzo snapping a photo of them together.

"Who says they need to know? We know people who know people. I am sure you can call in a favor." She titled her head to the side. "What did you have in mind?" Tandy ignored the flash all together.

Julian smiled and held out one of his 'hands', "Wherever you're going."

"Oh. Hm. I was going to go and get lunch. Sushi?" She took his hand and smiled brightly.
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