May. 26th, 2012 11:25 pm
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We are in place.

The intelligence we've been able to gather is thin, but we feel it is accurate. A look over all the evidences points to just one thing; our people are being kept in the Genoshan capital of Hammer Bay, in a complex called 'The Citadel'. The complex is a combination of their main federal governmental agencies, the Genoshan Defense Force commanders and main base, and the executive offices of their leadership, including that of President David Moreau. From the people we've spoken with, the Citadel has a holding facility that is large enough to hold our people, and it is the only facility modern enough to hold the kind of suppression technology to keep that many mutants depowered.

We've been looking at the information, and we think we've identified some weak points. Small teams can get to their main power plant and tie in with the city grid, the security office, and the prison second. We can kill the power and scramble their defenses comms and chain of command long enough for the X-Men to punch a couple of teams through into the prison and get back out again. A large enough division should tie up their response teams long enough for us to get out of the Citadel and disappear. We can take some of the people into the city and hole up while the first batch is evacuated via the Blackbird. Then you can fly passovers and we can use the teleporters to clear the remaining people.

It's your call, but this is the best option that we've come up with using the information we have.

It hasn't been a complete success. We lost Vanessa Carlyle getting into Genosha. Marie-Ange doesn't believe she was killed, but she may be in custody or in hiding. Once we clear the others (and hopefully she's amoung them), we'll figure out how to confirm her status.


May. 20th, 2012 06:24 pm
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We're about to go into a meeting with Xavier, but I felt that the situation requires a word.

We have all been hit where we live by an enemy that we don't have a handle on yet. For all intents and purposes, we could be at war with a nation state. They seem to know who we are and some of what we do, and that is a very scary thing. Anonymity and misdirection has always been the greatest security that the mansion and the school have had. If that's been ripped away, we're vulnerable like we've never been before. The reaction to being scared is to get angry, and the natural evolution of that is to get reckless and react as opposed to think.

I'm going to underline this. They hit us where we live and took the very people we're most committed to defending as leverage against us. The reaction is to want to visit bloody vengance on anyone who has so much as ever heard the name Genosha.

This is what we can't do. Personal isn't the same as important, and making this personal goes down a path that you don't get to step off of. Genosha wants to stop us, stop Xaviers, make sure what we do here never gets in their way again. If we allow ourselves to let our personal feelings dictate how we respond, it will destroy everything that's been built here as surely as if Genosha put a bullet in each one of us.

You know what I used to be. I wasn't born that way. I didn't become a monster because I was bad from the start. Neither did Erik Lensherr. Both of us let our reactions dictate our responses, until we lost all sight of what was reasonable, and simply were willing to kill because anyone dared slight us. Any method was alright because 'how dare they' never needed to be justified.

We will get our people back. And those responsible will pay for what they've done, whether its tomorrow or a decade from now. We will not forget. But, take a moment to remember what you believed when you came here, as teachers or students or X-Men. Remember the line that you drew in the sand that seperates you from the Brotherhood in the first place before revenge blurs it. All of us made our choice at one time or another. Remember why you made yours, before you decide what Genosha deserves from you for this.

Going Dark

Jan. 10th, 2012 03:53 pm
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Just a brief announcement. We've got an urgent situation to resolve, and the team is deploying under radio silence for the next few days. If there's anything you need from any of them, contact either Nico or myself. Otherwise, the Brownstone and office are going to be locked tight, and we'll let you know when we get back to the city. If things go wrong, I'll be in touch with the mansion first thing. Any appointments or training scheduled involving them is going to have to be rescheduled, and they'll let you know individually about those new times when we're done.

Oh, Wade is also with us on this one. He'll be back with the rest of them.
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Just a quick update for those of you who are actually still around and paying any sort of attention to the journals at this time.

As of today, Remy's been cleared to be healthy enough to leave the MedLab.


Oct. 22nd, 2005 03:00 pm
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Remy woke up this afternoon. He is still in recovery, and will be remaining down here for a little while, but if you would like to see him, he is willing to see visitors. Please let whoever is on duty know if you would like to see him, as he does still need his rest and we don't want to overtire him.


Sep. 11th, 2005 06:00 pm
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I just found Betsy and Remy and Dr. B down here in the hallway. I can't wake any of them up, and Betsy really doesn't look well, and I can't carry them down to medlab, so um, if somebody could come get them? We're in the hallway at the top of the stairs heading down to medlab, so you won't even have to come far.


Mar. 11th, 2005 12:07 pm
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I'm going out of town for a few days. If you need me, my mail is under the access tag GAMBIT on the system.

Try not to blow up the mansion without me.
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I need to speak to Moira. Now. Who's got her direct number on the island?


Nov. 28th, 2004 06:43 pm
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Just to let everyone know, Marie-Ange is out of the medical bay, and is currently staying in the boathouse with Cain and I. She's feeling a little overwhelmed, some kind of power thing, so it would be best if everyone just leaves her alone for a bit until she feels better. I think it's mostly exhaustion, and working her powers too much.


Oct. 16th, 2004 03:58 pm
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My name is Remy √Čtienne LeBeau. It's not my real name. I don't know my real name, since no one has called be by it since I was a baby. Until the age of twelve, I lived in the city of New Orleans. It was then my mutant powers manifested, and I was forcably inducted into a government program called LOSTBOYS. That was 1983. It gets even more complicated.

I was operated on to modify my powers. Some of you have seen the scars. I was conditioned to serve as a high level covert operative for representatives of the United States intelligence agencies. The official term is roving detached operational asset. Everyone else called us 'assassins'.

Pete Wisdom was right when he warned you not to come near me. Gambit, as I came to be known, was especially good at what he did. I'm not going to go into details, but they were brutal and ugly years. I was about as evil as a human being gets, and that's all you need to know.

In early 2002, investigators from the Congressional Intelligence oversight committee finally picked up on rumours of LOSTBOYS. In order to protect themselves, the retiring DO of the CIA decided to bring in the remaining agents of the program under the pretense of a meeting. There they performed a total psychic lobotomy on us, burying our memories and personalities behind layers of mental scar tissue. Just incase they ever needed us again, they implanted a code phrase that would immediately reverse the effects; in essence, reactivating us.

Then they dumped us on the streets to die.

When the professor first found me in January, it was not simply a lucky sweep with the Cerebro. All of us had a nano-passive system in our blood that masked the X gene, making us appear like normal humans. Members of the CIA, deciding this school had the potential to be major risk to national security, disabled the masking system in my blood, so my mutant signature would become quickly detected, assuming the Professor would find me and take me into the school. Since I knew nothing of who I was past twelve or earlier than a year prior, all the telepathic scans in the world would not show an agent.

Their plan was that if this school was ever considered a legitimate threat, they would reverse the psychic surgery, and Gambit would return. Neutralizing the threat would be his primary objective. That involves killing everyone here, in as painful a way that could be planned.

Whether it's my own somewhat difficult psychic signature or just poor work, the memories of who I was started seeping back while I was here in the winter. Some of you may have noticed me saying or doing things that I shouldn't have been able to do, like killing highly trained assault commandos with my bare hands.

That was Gambit coming back. As far as I can tell, that incident which involved the portal to Hell caused the largest crack. By then, memories of dead people, blood soaked rooms, all the worst sins, started to appear day and night. More skills I was using unconsciously that I had no way of acquiring. I assumed that it was this place, trying to implant these images in my head to made me some kind of killer. Unfortunately, the killer all the time was already me.

So, I ran. Six months, drunk or high as long as I could, stealing to try and get back there when I wasn't. And the images got worse. When the light is too bright, you can shut your eyes. When the screams are too loud, you can plug your ears. But when its your brain shoving horrors behind your eyelids, there's only one way to turn it off.

Which landed me back here with a head wound and a paranoid streak a mile long. I've said and done things here without knowing it, and those are things I can't take back. Whatever the case, a week ago, those members of the CIA who had planned this tried to activate me.

For whatever reason, it didn't work right. Instead of putting my old psyche back in charge, I got all his memories back. So I ran again. Last night, I came to see the Professor, to see if I really was in charge, or if the assassin was still lying in wait. If he was, I had no intention of him or I surviving the next 24 hours.

There is no more Gambit. Just me and the memories that I am the only Witness to. The Professor convinced me to stay, to help. There is one thing we differ on. I don't believe these things can ever be atoned for.

I know there are things that I've said and done to give plenty of cause to hate me. I won't deny that. All I can say is that the man I was, and even the person you knew, doesn't exist any more. The person you hate is a ghost, as dead and gone as a corpse. You can believe that or not.
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Be advised that as of last night, Remy LeBeau has returned to the mansion. To forestall questions or protest regarding the matter, there are some important things you should know.  First and foremost, Remy has agreed to stay at my request - this school was intended as the first step toward acceptance between humans and mutants, and we must strive for acceptance between ourselves first and foremost if we ever hope to succeed.

Now. Let me assure you that Remy LeBeau is no longer a threat to anyone in this school. I have fully confirmed this to my own satisfaction and as such am convinced that the mistakes of the last few weeks were not of anyone's intent. To clarify: Remy has been used by a secret government program, not dissimilar to the organization which once held Nathan or the bureau for whom Pete worked. While I do not intend to air his private history to the entire school, it is important to know that he is now free of any and all mental tampering.

He is no longer the person whom you were warned about last week.

I have extended an invitation to him to remain here, while he learns to adapt to the new life before him. In return, he has offered to assist us as best he can. He is my guest until the time he chooses to leave, and I fully expect him to be treated with the same respect you'd accord any of our other guests. However, I understand that many of you will be less than comfortable with Remy's return. As such, for the time being, he's agreed to room with Mr. Marko in the boat house.

I do not expect anyone who feels uncomfortable with him to remain in his presence. There were incidents involving Remy over which he did not have control during the last six months. If you are concerned, I simply ask that you avoid him if you must. But do bear in mind that he is dealing with a great burden for a young man, as many of you here have experienced yourselves in one fashion or another.

Should anyone have any concerns they wish to air in private, I will be available at all times to discuss the matter.
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And just before the most wonderful Alison comes down bearing breakfast...

Illyana Rasputin suffered a number of injuries yesterday in what appears to have been some kind of attack from Limbo, the demon dimension she was kidnapped to earlier this year. The threat has been alleviated - there will be no more surprise visitors, I'm assured - and Illyana's had surgery and is now recovering. She's not awake yet, but I shall let you know when she is, and when she's strong enough for visitors.

Once she is strong enough for visitors, I'm sure we'll be getting the full explanation of just what happened yesterday. In the meantime, keep the skuttlebutt and rumour-mongering down to a dull roar, all right?

As for Remy Le Beau. Yes, there was an incident with Amanda Sefton. No, he did not physically harm her, although he did scare her enough to generate what's best described as post-traumatic shock. Charles and Moira tell me she'll be fine.

Remy suffered some exacerbation of the head injuries he already had, and some burning to his chest. We had him restrained and sedated in medlab, for his own safety, and sometime around 3AM Friday night he slipped the restraints, knocked me out and left the mansion, taking his belongings with him. We have not have any further word from him. I am fine.

Let me stress Pete's warning. Remy is dangerous. Do not approach him if you see him, and don't try and be the hero. Get the hell away from the situation and call one of the staff. I can't give you any further information as to the whys and wherefores, but you know all you need to.

Trust me, I'm not joking on this.

Now, is that enough information for you all? If not, email one of the staff and we'll see about answering your questions.
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I understand many of you are pissed off with our cajun streetrat.  You need to know the following things about Remy LeBeau:

If you should encounter him, run away.  Don't stop to talk, for any reason.  Don't call for backup and keep an eye on him until it arrives.  Just plain run.  You can call for backup when you're sure there's a couple of miles between you and him.  This applies to everyone, and should be considered a directive from god - I don't care whether you like him or hate him, you run away from him as soon as you see him whatever else is going on aroud you.

If I should discover that anyone has *not* done this, and by some miracle they survive the experience, they can look forward to being locked in a cupboard for their own saftey until I judge that they have learned how to pay attention, and I'll deal with the human rights lawyers later.

I'll explain why when we've had a chance to try and sort some of this mess out.  But for now, and for your own safety, stay well away from him.
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Since he's just been released from medlab, I thought it best I mention the fact he's here and about to be wandering the halls...

Last Sunday Betsy and I went down to St Louis after a call from an old friend of mine and retrieved Remy from a hospital there. Since then he's been in the medlab - the reason for my recent bout of insomnia - recovering from head injuries. As of this afternoon he's well enough to be up and about again, but he's still not in great shape - try and keep his stress levels down as a favour to the overworked doctor, okay?
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It's four in the morning. And I just spent the weekend, helping our soon-to-be newest addition, make himself presentable for the rest of you.

It's the pet project I never had as a child.

For the rest of you, we should be arriving shortly. And from what I can tell on the journals, I'd like you all to play nice with Remy. He hasn't had the best year and I've given him my word that he would be treated well.

Don't make me a liar.


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