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Some of you might have noticed there's been something going on, between the people rushing around, the helicopter on the lawn, and the Blackbird going out and not coming back. We sent a small team out on what we thought was a simple trip to pick up a new student. It turned out to be a trap. Part of springing it involved crashing the Blackbird.

We've retrieved the people who were missing after the crash - who, incidentally, did a damned fine job of getting themselves at least mostly out of the mess they landed in. Forge is in hospital in the city for the time being, but we're hoping to get good news on his condition soon.

The Blackbird's a write-off. Expect to see what's left of it arriving home in a truck sometime soon.

I'm not going to add the usual comment about how you should feel to come talk to me if you have concerns, or want more details. I'm not the headmaster around here any longer, after all. You were all due the explanation of why the X-Men have been running around in circles for the last forty-eight hours, so that's what this is. I think we can all just be very glad this ended with a totaled jet and one person in the hospital. It could have been a lot worse.
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