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As most of you are aware, a week or so ago, the Blackbird met with an unfortunate accident. Specifically, a sudden case of gravity-induced rapid deceleration. In layman's terms, the plane crashed. Not to mince words, it's trashed beyond repair.


It can be rebuilt. There's enough salvageable material to get the project started, and more is on order. We can build ourselves a new jet from the ground up.

And that's where you come in. The general "you", in fact. With permission from Scott and the Professor, I'm making this an open project. If you would like to help rebuild the jet, your help will be more than welcome.

For those of you who have never done anything like this before, you don't have to have an aeronautics degree or metalworking experience or be a super-genius. A project like this requires countless facets of different work, and the more hands we have working, the better this can be.

On a serious note: you're all aware of what the team does, and why the ability to get from place to place rapidly and efficiently is important. Whether or not you have any desire to contribute with your abilities to the team directly, you should know that any help you can provide here will enable the team to keep doing what they do.

You might not be suiting up and going into dangerous situations, but any help that you can provide here will be a valued contribution.

Anyone who's interested, see myself or Mr. Summers for details. I will actually be away from the Institute from tomorrow morning through the weekend, but once I return, I will be taking a hands-on part in the reconstruction.

Thank you in advance.

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