Nov. 9th, 2003

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Sarah and Jono have returned, alive and well, as have all those who went to retrieve them.

Ms. Frost, however, remains missing, and it seems likely that she has been taken captive. I have every reason to believe she is still alive, and we will bend every available resource toward finding and rescuing her. At the moment, all that can be asked of most of you is that you keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

All of you have known more suffering and loss in the past year than anyone should, and you have responded with such unbroken spirit and unconquerable resilience that would humble prouder men than I. You each give me hope for the future. Thank you.

"O brave new world,that has such people in't!"
--The Tempest, Act V, Scene I
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A new student, Shiro Yoshida, will be joining us from Japan tomorrow afternoon; this is his first visit to the United States, so please make him feel welcome. Shiro will be rooming with Alex and Angelo.

Also, I believe it is well past time that the miscellaneous-powers study group be given full course status; I'm very much looking forward to hearing your ideas and sharing a few of my own, so I will see you all at 3:15 tomorrow. And, Marie-Ange, while I appreciate the sentiment, I think "Miscellaneous Powers" is a more appropriate formal course title.


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