Oct. 11th, 2004

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Mr Summers is back with us after his surprise break, and his classes should expect to proceed as usual.


Illyana Rasputin recovered consciousness sometime in the early hours of Sunday morning, and has been sleeping naturally since. I expect her to be strong enough for visitors in the next day or so. With a couple of conditions:

1) Visits not to be longer than fifteen minutes.

2) No-one who has expressed any kind of antagonism towards Illyana, or who agitates her in any way, will be permitted to visit and/or remain.

The second one may seem a bit harsh, but bear in mind Illyana is recovery from fairly major abdominal surgery. There will be a time and a place for answering questions, but that will not be until the medlab staff deem her fit. This is not negotiable.
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Don't bother bringing your books this afternoon, or Wednesday afternoon. We're going to be watching Sholay, one of the more famous of the Bollywood movies. It's about an ex-cop, Thakur Baldev Singh, who hires two ex-cons to save a town from the evil Gabbar Singh and his band of henchmen. Basically, an Indian spaghetti western. Should be fun. :) And yes, this version is subtitled... you've been studying the language for all of six weeks now, and I'm not that cruel.


Oct. 11th, 2004 01:42 pm
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what is everyone's favorite color?

Jono - you may not pick black.
EDIT: neither can Sarah. or anyone else.


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