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During one of her language sessions, Angel's discovery of boys rears its head. It's not fair trying to hide things from someone who can read body language.


May. 20th, 2005 11:13 am
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Dunno if it's my place, because I'm not a teacher.

But do you think everyone could stand to go to neutral corners? That means turning the journal system off if you're pissed, and going to do something else. Manuel raises a good point in a somewhat ham-handed way. We have empaths and telepaths in this mansion, some of whom don't have the greatest shields.

So, everyone please stop baiting everyone else, and everyone go outside and take a walk. Please. I understand tempers are running high because of the events of the past few days. But screaming at each other on the journals is NOT going to solve anything.
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That we haven't had a big group social outing in quite a while. Conveniently enough, Star Wars Episode III just came out today. Isn't that handy? :)

So I'm thinking we head out to a mall, grab dinner at the food court, and settle in for lightsabers and Wookies and the Dark Side of the Force. What say you?

For me, I plan on burritos the size of my forearm from Chipotle. And the really hot salsa that they keep in the back and you have to ask for specifically. This secret brought to you by Douglas Aaron "I Make War Upon My Taste Buds" Ramsey. ;-)

Anyways, I'll check showtimes if everyone's interested.
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So, with the assent of the staff, I'm going to be taking over Doc McCoy's CompSci class while he recovers, with Kitty playing Vanna White to my Pat Sajak. ...or something like that. :)

Anyways, just in case those of you in the CompSci class think I'm going to be like substitute teachers from your old schools, where it's an excuse to have a free period to goof off, think again. I have Doc McCoy's lesson plans, years of hacker genius experience, another hacker genius as assistant, and a mutant talent for languages, and I'm not afraid to use them.

Seriously, I promise it won't be boring, I hope you'll give me a chance, and I hope that I won't be taking these duties for too long before our favorite blue-furred doctor is back in his rightful place.
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Apologies for the delay in notifying you all, but I've been busy in the medlab with Doug, and was expecting Charles or one of the other staff members to have taken care of this. I don't know all of the details, but I'll tell you what I do know.

This afternoon at the blood drive, there was an incident involving a man with a gun. It appears that Douglas Ramsey, acting on information he had access to, realised this was going to happen, and for reasons unknown, took it upon himself to attempt to prevent another student from being hurt. To this end he borrowed some Kevlar from Scott's uniform, which was in one of the vans, hid it under his shirt, and leapt in front of Rahne when the shots started.

The bullet hit him square in the chest, and the Kevlar did prevent him from being killed. However, the shock of the impact stopped his heart momentarily and CPR was required to start it up again. He was then taken to medlab, where he is in a stable condition. He has some bruising to the chest, both from the bullet and from me pounding on his chest to get his heart started again. Marie-Ange Colbert is also in the medlab, having been sedated at the scene. She should also be fine.

I don't know the whys and wherefores of the shooter, but he has been detained and handed over to the police.
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Therefore, I am declaring that there shall be a pick-up softball game out on the diamond in forty-five minutes. I'd try to make this a 'no powers, darnit' event since everyone else pretty much has the advantage over me, but with this crew, I rather doubt that's going to be very successful. Oh well. :)


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