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Jul. 2nd, 2007 08:31 am
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Alright, since we've got a handful of folks here over the summer that'll be taking classes come fall, I suppose an introduction wouldn't go amiss. I'm Jono Starsmore, and I'll be teaching an introductory music class this next semester. If any of you happen to have any talent with an instrument, I'm likely to find out and have Ms. Munroe make sure you're in the class anyway, so there's no use hiding. If you have no talent with an instrument, then you're in good company. I won't promise to make you the next American Idol or whatever mass-produced pap they're playing on the radio these days, but if you've any interest in actually learning about music, I'm here to teach it to you.

I'm not one of the lucky teachers who gets their own office, but I do have a desk in the music room and if I'm not there, you can leave a note for me there. If any of you want a bit of a headstart, my tutoring schedule is pretty much open for the summer.



Nov. 12th, 2006 02:38 pm
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I'm not very good at these, so try to be patient with me.

On Friday, there was an incident during the afternoon soccer game between Kevin and Jono. It seems that Kevin was outside weeding in the hedges, when Jono somehow managed to go over said hedges and into Kevin. A reaction between their two mutations occured.

Kevin suffered some minor injuries, however, Jono is currently unable to keep a solid, stable physical form.

Currently, we are working with Jono to give him some kind of stable form so that we can safely transport him to Muir for better assistance and research. Kevin has also kindly said yes to joining us in Muir so that we can fully diagnose and treat Jono.

I will also be joining Jono and Kevin. Moira and I will be working opposite days with one overlap in Muir, and my X-Men work will be by special, necessary assignment only.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
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As of four this afternoon, the basement medical complex - both the infirmary and the medlab - are locked down and off-limits to anyone who is not essential medical personnel. There was a powers-related situation with Kevin Ford and Jono Starsmore, and we're still attempting to ascertain the extent of what happened. Those of you who saw what happened, Dr. Voght will likely have some questions for you.

If the situation changes, this notice will be updated. But for the moment, if you have any medical needs, convey them through a staff member and one of the medical staff will come to you.


Sep. 30th, 2005 07:32 pm
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I'm warning you all now that this post is not going to be entirely coherent. Just try to bear with me.

There are some solar flares coming up shortly, that makes things hard and so we had to rush and there wasn't much time for signing forms and letting people know and supervision and the medical staff is still sleeping, so be quiet please, but the only thing that matters is he's back.

Jono's back.

Jono's back and he's whole and he's back.
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Jonothan Starsmore suffered a powers accident today. Professor Xavier and Dr. MacTaggart are evaluating his condition.

Please steer well clear of the boiler room until you see a staff announcement saying otherwise.


Jun. 22nd, 2004 11:09 am
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All right, Sarah's going to the tunnels. Alone. To hunt down some bloke called Grey Crow and his mates, and kill them.

I'm not going to sit here with a thumb up my arse and do nothing while she's there. So I'm going after her, with or without permission, and bringing her back.

If someone wants to help, I'm sure I can nick a bigger car.
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Alison has asked that I explain what has happened, and what she plans to do, so that we are all informed and can take what precautions are necessary before she and the others return from their vacation.

Yesterday afternoon, Jono fell unconscious for a short time while on the beach. Today, after questioning some of the local children, Alison was able to determine the cause of this mishap: a young boy calling himself Leech, who seems to have the ability to completely, if temporarily, negate the powers of any mutant in his immediate vicinity.

Leech--or Miles, as he and Alison have decided that he be named--was apparently rescued from a carnival freak-show by the same children who led Alison to him; the carnival has since moved on, and as yet we have been unable to determine its location or whether it holds any other children captive. Miles, however, will be coming to live with us as Alison's ward, as soon as that can be arranged with the proper authorities.

To that end, and until Miles learns better control over his suppressive aura, we must all be more cautious in the exercise of our abilities. His current fixed range is approximately five feet, and his influence seems to ignore all physical barriers. At this point, we are uncertain how he will interact with somatic mutations; Henry, I suspect that he will probably not make your fur fall out, but Logan and Sarah, you may well prefer to keep your distance, rather than risk the interruption of your healing abilities.

Kitty, Shinobi, I cannot emphasize enough the potential danger to the two of you should you encounter Miles' aura while passing through a solid object. Please be very careful.

Jamie, Doug: if the two of you and Artie agree, I would like to move Miles into your room; this gives him the the triple advantage of one roommate near his own age, two more who will likely not be traumatically affected by his aura, and close proximity to Alison.

As for everyone else: while Alison and I will be working closely with Miles in the hope that he will learn to control or contract his aura as quickly as possible, I hope you will not allow due caution to prevent you from making him feel welcome in his new home.

Thank you, and good day.
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Dear Jono,

It's so good to hear from you. Glad you're alright; everything is fine here as well. Well, minus a couple of death threats but that's never been unusual here, has it?

Try not to overwork yourself. I'd like you all in one piece when you get back. Or at least, in no more than three large pieces. I'm really proud that you're learning so much, though. Proud is not quite the right word and it sounds cheesy, but it's the only respectable one I can think of right now.

I was right, I do miss you.


PS. Your birthday is soon, isn't it?
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I blasted away some trees outside.

I hope they weren't important.


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