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Nick John has gone to Muir Island for the time being.  He will be continuing his therapy there - we thought perhaps unfamiliar surroundings would help, as familiar did not - and working as an orderly at the same time, as he is already trained for it.

Anyone wishing to contact him can write directly or go through me.
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The play has been cast and will be going ahead! The performance will be on November 30, location to be announced later.
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I have been discussing with my literature class the possibility of putting on another play this winter, a version of Jekyll and Hyde. They seem to like the idea, and I wondered if students not taking the class might like to audition as well.

If you are interested, auditions will be this weekend at the community hall in Salem Center.
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I seem to have just become the owner of a puppy. Thank you, Lorna.

He will need a name, if anyone has any suggestions.
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I am back in the mansion, at least for a short time, as I said. And at risk of repeating myself, everyone here who wishes to attend is invited to my brother's wedding, to happen next month. This includes the students.

Let me know if you would like to go.
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This afternoon we will be very busy with a delicate procedure as part of Kurt's treatment and I need to ask that all non-emergency matters be handled upstairs both during and before the procedure while we prepare. If you need something from medical in the next couple of hours, please talk to Scott or Charles.
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Kurt has had a powers related accident. He is stable, but not up to recieving visitors. Please observe the usual regulations related to a resident in the medlab. If you have any questions, please talk to Amelia or I. We will, of course, also convey your good wishes to him.
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This is just to let everyone know that today's mission was a success. Dr. Grey is back in the mansion, the Professor is with her, and none of the team were badly hurt.


Dec. 3rd, 2003 01:32 pm
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I happened to be the unfortunate soul who met the mailman this afternoon. He had a large box, for which I signed, and it appears to have been addressed to two people.

Marie, Alex, the box is for both of you. The return address seemed to indicate it was sent by an S. Summers.

It is quite heavy. Books, perhaps? It is in the front hall.
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Professor Xavier asked me to post here and introduce myself. My name is Kurt, and I'll be staying here for a little while.

I suppose I'll meet most of you soon enough.


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