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The test results came back on Meggan's powers. Between that and what she's told me, I think we now know what her mutant ability is.

Meggan has the ability to synch to other objects. Very much like Ev was able to do with mutant powers but she can do it with, well, everything. I think I heard Henry muttering something about her being a small, walking radio-receiver. Thankfully, she can only attune herself into one thing at a time--there's probably no way for her to be synched up to two objects at once.

The empathy we all know she has is actually a side-effect of this power (meaning she really only has one mutant ability that branches). Emotions are, after all, a basic presence just like everything else.

Her range is rather limited right now. Lack of training and her health have kept it to a minimum, though I highly suspect her range will rapidly start to grow. But, for example, when I gave her some metal to hold, she became denser (Amanda, if you're tired and are carrying her around, make sure she doesn't have any metal on her. Children have a natural ability to become heavier at will, or so it would seem, and this just adds to it.) This is why people have seen her fur change slightly while she's been getting in synch with other objects.

With the exception of emotions, this seems to be a touched based power. And, yes, it seems if she's preparing herself she probably won't be hurt by fire, electricity (I'm sure she gave poor Kurt more than a few gray hairs...) and the like. One at a time, though.


Keep Meggan away from any toxic substances. On par for children, of course, but this is doubly important with regards to her powers. We might also want to keep her away from Jono until we've fixed his current state. I'm not sure what she would do if she came into contact with psycic energy of that kind.

Note to self: Restock lollypops in my office, she went through about 10 of them during this entire process.


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