Jan. 14th, 2015 09:11 am
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Alright folks.

I've heard rumours, and I know everyone's itchin' to know what happened yesterday. Here's the facts.

Magneto was at Muir. It was an ambush, and we sure felt it. Too many injured to count, and I know y'all are gonna wanna help as much as you can, but the medlab is busy. I'm sure the good doc will let us know if she needs anything.

We lost some people. Matt. Sam. Tabitha. Catseye. Yvette. They died fighting. I ain't gonna spin any bullshit 'bout how they died for a cause or whatever. No one's life is a pawn, but they went in fighting and they did what they had to do and they did it as best as they could. People's lives were saved. Let's remember and honour them right.

Magneto is dead. Let that sink in for a minute. He's dead. That's all I'm gonna say about that man. He didn't deserve how he went, but he's gone all the same.

Muir Island is no more. There were no survivors. I'm sorry for everyone's loss.

Jean's gone. I'm in no position to say anymore, cause I sure as hell don't even know what I saw myself.

Remember, everyone grieves differently. Please, respect each other's space if needed. I'll be in the medlab this morning, but if you see me around, and you need to talk, let me know. Hell, text me even. I got my phone on me, and I'm a good listener.


Sep. 6th, 2007 07:22 am
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Hey everyone! I just wanted to let y'all know that with the new school year starting up, we also have a new comm. I talked about it with the professor and he agreed that a comm for those of us who've graduated from Xavier's and are college-aged or what not was a good idea...kind of place for us young adults to gripe about classes or countdown to breaks, that sort of thing. The new comm will be called x-grads, so make sure to join if it applies to you. I'm headed out in just a minute to run errands in the city, so if anyone has any questions, I probably won't be around until tonight to answer them.


Oct. 23rd, 2006 01:01 pm
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Hey…just thought I’d let everyone know that Yvette is home, safe and sound. It was quite the reunion and she and her mother both seemed quite happy to see one another again. If anyone wants the address to write to her and doesn’t already have it, just stop by my room, as Yvette wanted people to be able to stay in touch. Gotta run so David and I won’t miss our flight.
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Well, the headcount seems to be matching up out here. Cain, we took over your lower floor, I'm sorry. It just seemed like the best place to go. Nathan's with me, he caught up with the first of the kids out the door and he's keeping them in giggles with his 'magic' tricks. Distraction helps no end. (I think we'll keep him.)
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Both classes will have substitute teachers tomorrow.

Euro. Lit. students, I believe that Mr. Worthington will be overseeing your class. He shouldn't have to do too much as I know that you will all be working on the final drafts of your presentations on our poetry selections for the course. If you have issues with the task at hand, I'll go over things with you when I get back outside of class hours.

Phys. Ed. students, Mr. Summers has agreed to take you all on. He will be advised of our agreement regarding the use of special abilities during class time. If you all want to have free-skate for Friday's class, I suggest you go easy on him.

~ Marie
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I have a few announcements to make.

First, when Marie is judged fit to leave the infirmary, she'll be moving into Suite 215. She has asked for this, and after speaking with the Professor and Ms. Munroe, we've agreed to her request.

Secondly, Ms. Blaire has accepted a semi-staff position. She has agreed to act as a student counselor. She will be a liaison between the staff and the students. Students should feel free to come to her with problems when they don't feel comfortable talking to a staff member.

Thirdly, I've posted a list of precautions for the hurricane to the bulletin boards. Please follow the steps listed for your room. I will take care of the rooms which are currently unoccupied.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask.
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[This is a transcript of an all-school meeting that took place on Saturday night. It's been put here for those who were not at the school at the time, so they would know what had happened. Questions and comments are welcome.]

Good evening. I know this is late to call for a meeting, but we did promise news when we had it.

At my request, Cyclops left the school in late July on a solo mission. During his time away, he made contact with someone who told him what Magneto was planning. We weren't sure of the exact day he would enact his plan until just before it happened.

Storm received the call, and assembled her team. She, Colossus, Angel, Dazzler, and Rogue went to stop him, and to save Mr. Allerdyce's life. A life Magneto had planned to sacrifice to his cause.

We managed to bring John back to the school, but were unable to stop Magneto from gaining the blueprints and equipment which were also part of his plan. In the battle, Rogue and one of Magneto's mutants, a man named Stanley, fought and fell under a section of collapsed wall, which then fell further into the base's structure.

In the confusion, it was believed that they both had perished, and in order to not lose any more lives and to avoid capture, the team pulled out and returned here.

I am pleased to tell you all that after much searching, Marie is alive. Professor Summers has gone to retrieve her. It took me this long to locate her because of her abilities. It is my belief that she and Stanley fell in such a way as Marie's skin was in direct contact with Stanley's. As most of you know, Marie's abilities are such that when she is in direct, skin-to-skin contact with someone, she absorbs their memories and thoughts and, in the case of mutants, their powers for a short period of time. She was in contact with Stanley long enough that she absorbed a significant portion of his mind, therefore making it hard to find Marie. Once I received the report from Storm, I realized what might have happened, and I was able to concentrate on finding her again. It still took some time. It was my belief that, for a time, they had her in a facility which blocked my telepathy.

The important thing is that she is alive, and will be back home very shortly.

As for John, there are still some things that need to be resolved about his return to the school. But as I have stated before, he continued to be a member of this school while he was away, and his return here changes none of that. Any further changes on his status will be discussed amongst the staff.

Thank you.


May. 21st, 2003 02:59 pm
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This thing ate my post! Grr.

Not like it wasn't only two lines long, but STILL!

So, Hank... what happens to a post that doesn't post? Is it like a ghost post? Or does it remain caught between post and not-post indefinitely until someone opens up the database to look inside?


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