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This is a reminder for everyone who took my advanced first aid a while back that I will be running a refresher course in a few weeks. Let me know if you want to/can attend. For those who have it because of work or other issues, you will need to attend to keep your certificate current. 

If there are enough new people who are interested, I'd be happy to run another full course sometime in the new year.  
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After a hard exam last Friday, I am happy to tell you that all six students passed the Advanced First Aid course.

If you could not join in this time, but are interested, let me know. No problem to run the course again later this year. 
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We'll be starting Friday, so if you'd want to join us, last chance to sign up! We have six people so far.

I'm also looking if there is a chance for you to take to take the Certified First Responder exam, so let me know if you are interested in this. 
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Hi everyone,

Next week Ms. Ferguson and I will start teaching an advanced first aid course. It's not just for Gen X members, but for everyone at the mansion who is interested.

It wil cover many elements taught in the Emergency Medical Response course offered by the American Red Cross, along with some bits and pieces of the Combat Lifesaver program taught in the military. Dr. Grey will also be giving one or two evenings about mutant specific first aid.

If you want to take a look at the book we'll be using, take a look here.

Sharon Friedlander 


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