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Amanda is now currently awake. Considering everything, I think we may limit the number of visitor's until tomorrow morning, just to be sure. However, come tomorrow morning, bring on the horde.
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Right then. I'll let the medical staff field questions about Amanda and Manny's physical state - Dr Bartlet assures me that Amanda is doing as well as can be expected, but other than that, I know very little.

So, what happened?

I honestly don't know how much of her past Amanda has shared with who, and I'm not about to violate her privacy too much, so you'll have to be satisfied with some fairly sketchy details, but broadly, a particular bastard from Amanda and Romany's past tracked Amanda down while she and Angelo were in LA, where they had gone with Dr Strange, Amanda's tutor. Strange has been in touch, and it turns out that the reason he wasn't around to help was that the shitbag had taken steps to remove him from the picture.

The chap in question forced Amanda to go to Mexico, by threatening people she cares about. She knew him well enough to know that these were not idle threats, and even were we able to protect everyone he threatened, he is not above simple moving on to threatening their families. Amanda was not prepared to risk that, so opted to go along his demands, in the hope of stopping him face-to-face. I understand that she was ready to go alone, and Angelo wouldn't let her, which does him credit. She attempted to call me, but since I was busy arguing with lawyers in New York at the time, my phone was switched off and I didn't get her message, and Angelo called Emma, who picked me up on the way to the airport.

Emma and I got there slightly too late to deal with the creep as we might have wanted to (ie, without involving Amanda and Angelo), but were were in time to stop him from harming Angelo, or carrying out his fulls plans for Amanda. He will not be a problem again.

Any questions?
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Angelo and Amanda are on their way home with Pete and Emma as we speak. They ran into some difficulty and we were unable to find them expediently because of magical interference issues. I will keep you updated when I have concrete information to share with all of you.


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