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Rachel Dayspring was abducted from her family and I have also located her in Genosha.

Our allies, family and friends have been notified that they may be at risk and steps have been taken accordingly.

I have no further details on the condition of those taken, but given their status as hostages, I can only hope that they remain in good health.



May. 20th, 2012 06:24 pm
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We're about to go into a meeting with Xavier, but I felt that the situation requires a word.

We have all been hit where we live by an enemy that we don't have a handle on yet. For all intents and purposes, we could be at war with a nation state. They seem to know who we are and some of what we do, and that is a very scary thing. Anonymity and misdirection has always been the greatest security that the mansion and the school have had. If that's been ripped away, we're vulnerable like we've never been before. The reaction to being scared is to get angry, and the natural evolution of that is to get reckless and react as opposed to think.

I'm going to underline this. They hit us where we live and took the very people we're most committed to defending as leverage against us. The reaction is to want to visit bloody vengance on anyone who has so much as ever heard the name Genosha.

This is what we can't do. Personal isn't the same as important, and making this personal goes down a path that you don't get to step off of. Genosha wants to stop us, stop Xaviers, make sure what we do here never gets in their way again. If we allow ourselves to let our personal feelings dictate how we respond, it will destroy everything that's been built here as surely as if Genosha put a bullet in each one of us.

You know what I used to be. I wasn't born that way. I didn't become a monster because I was bad from the start. Neither did Erik Lensherr. Both of us let our reactions dictate our responses, until we lost all sight of what was reasonable, and simply were willing to kill because anyone dared slight us. Any method was alright because 'how dare they' never needed to be justified.

We will get our people back. And those responsible will pay for what they've done, whether its tomorrow or a decade from now. We will not forget. But, take a moment to remember what you believed when you came here, as teachers or students or X-Men. Remember the line that you drew in the sand that seperates you from the Brotherhood in the first place before revenge blurs it. All of us made our choice at one time or another. Remember why you made yours, before you decide what Genosha deserves from you for this.
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We now have a full tally of those who went missing yesterday:

Artie Maddicks
Jean-Paul Baubier
Madelyne Pryor
Callie Betto
Layla Miller
Korvus Rook'shir
Garrison Kane
Fred Dukes
Sooraya Qadir
Sarah Vale
Carmilla Black
Angelo Espinosa
Molly Hayes
Megan Gwynn
Matt Murdock
Amara Aquilla
Adrienne Frost
Meggan Szardos
Yvette Petrovic
Laurie Collins
Marius Laverne

It is also now clear that the abduction of our people from the rally was a deliberate act by the Genoshan government, as an act of retaliation for our actions in to assist Phillip Moreau and Jenny Ransome. For my actions. They know there are a number of pro-mutant organizations connected to the Institute, and that we have some degree of support from the government. They also know Magento was one of the founders of the school. And, finally, they know there is some connection between the Institute and the X-Men.

They know far too much and have apparently drawn the conclusion that the Institute is a training facility for Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants. In their eyes, we are all terrorists and what they have done is justifiable in terms of self-defence.

Their terms are simple; if there is any interference in Genoshan affairs that emanates from the school or our allies, those taken will never be seen again. If we cooperate, they will be slowly returned so long as we continue not to interfere.

This situation impacts us all and there will be numerous discussions regarding what our next step should be. This is the first of those discussions. Please, speak your minds - we are, in this case, all together in this.



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