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Most of you know this by now, but I figure with the influx of newcomers it might not be a bad idea to state this again.

Miles power is to negate mutant powers, within a certain range. It is currently always on and can't be controlled. Those of you who have active abilities that can't handle being "shut off" without warning, or that might leave you in a dangerous situation if shut off unexpectedly should be careful of this when in his vicinity and in general. Miles knows well enough to check the hallways and stairs before running off blindly – in fact, he's been insistent on knowing who he should ask before approaching, a habit you've all likely notice he still sticks to even now. That's because he was being used to negate other children's powers when he was being held by the freak show owners in Mexico. So now that he has a choice on the matter, he likes to exercise it, and then some. But he can't make certain 100% - he might be looking out a window and a flyer goes by, or leaning on a wall when someone is doing something on the other side.

That was the general part of this post.

Here's the more specific one.

I'd like to ask you all to keep the nature of Miles' power to yourselves. When interacting with friends or people who don't reside at the mansion, be it in person, phone or by email, please don't bring up the subject of his power – even if its' someone you know and trust. If you're talking with someone from the outside and somehow the conversation ends up turning to that subject (as natural as the conversation seemed), change the topic – and also let one of the staff know ASAP.



Dec. 17th, 2003 09:23 pm
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It's done.

I didn't laser the judge. Not once. Or the bailiff with the sticky hands, or the police officers who pretended to know nothing about the freak show, or - yeah. You get the idea. So, I'm very proud of myself. Kept calm (I don't know if I should thank you for the "help", Professor, or exact vengeance when I get back) and got things done.

So. Miles now has papers that are as official as can be, under the circumstances. We're still going to need to formalize stuff once I bring him back here, I'm sure, for the authorities this side of the border.

I'm tired. Long day. If you have questions, ask away, but I can't think of stuff to add for now...

We're heading back tomorrow - should get here in mid-afternoon, roughly.

Oh yeah, and Jono got that haircut.
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Alison has asked that I explain what has happened, and what she plans to do, so that we are all informed and can take what precautions are necessary before she and the others return from their vacation.

Yesterday afternoon, Jono fell unconscious for a short time while on the beach. Today, after questioning some of the local children, Alison was able to determine the cause of this mishap: a young boy calling himself Leech, who seems to have the ability to completely, if temporarily, negate the powers of any mutant in his immediate vicinity.

Leech--or Miles, as he and Alison have decided that he be named--was apparently rescued from a carnival freak-show by the same children who led Alison to him; the carnival has since moved on, and as yet we have been unable to determine its location or whether it holds any other children captive. Miles, however, will be coming to live with us as Alison's ward, as soon as that can be arranged with the proper authorities.

To that end, and until Miles learns better control over his suppressive aura, we must all be more cautious in the exercise of our abilities. His current fixed range is approximately five feet, and his influence seems to ignore all physical barriers. At this point, we are uncertain how he will interact with somatic mutations; Henry, I suspect that he will probably not make your fur fall out, but Logan and Sarah, you may well prefer to keep your distance, rather than risk the interruption of your healing abilities.

Kitty, Shinobi, I cannot emphasize enough the potential danger to the two of you should you encounter Miles' aura while passing through a solid object. Please be very careful.

Jamie, Doug: if the two of you and Artie agree, I would like to move Miles into your room; this gives him the the triple advantage of one roommate near his own age, two more who will likely not be traumatically affected by his aura, and close proximity to Alison.

As for everyone else: while Alison and I will be working closely with Miles in the hope that he will learn to control or contract his aura as quickly as possible, I hope you will not allow due caution to prevent you from making him feel welcome in his new home.

Thank you, and good day.


Nov. 8th, 2003 02:02 pm
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This is Brian Braddock posting via Emma's account. Rock River under attack from Sentinels. Require immediate assistance.


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