Oct. 13th, 2005 11:56 am
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I'm going to keep this brief.

Yesterday Amanda endangered lives via irresponsible power use, involving the draining of life energy of several members of the staff, students and a patient in the infirmary without permission or consultation. She has since made it clear she felt entirely justified in her actions and feels no second thoughts or doubts about what she did and how she did, regardless of the fact that had there not been enough sources for her to drain in the room or had a child been present, a human death might have occurred in return.

This is unacceptable behavior for a student in this school.

As such, she is currently being confined to her rooms. She will not be moving around the mansion without someone from the staff present. There will be no altercations in regards to this matter. Amanda will still be attending her classes until such time as a final decision is made in regards to what happened while the appropriate persons are contacted and an understanding is reached in regards to her situation.

Anyone with questions or wishing to discuss this is asked and encouraged to go see either Scott or Ororo on the matter directly, as headmaster and headmistress of the school. Both will have open office hours today if privacy is preferred.
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As some of you likely noticed if you were near the main hall earlier, Betsy has decided to take a leave of absence from the school to deal with some personal matters. Should any of you wish to get into contact with her, please let me know privately - I will make arrangements as necessary.
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From the entire staff - good work on the evac, guys. It went as smooth as can be and you all did great.

Whoever put that coffee next to me while I wasn't looking? Thank you.


And now, a few more notes:

1. It's Cain's birthday. Go mug him or something.

2. Quizzes are postponed, FYI.

3. Rahne? I think Lorna might want to talk to you about something regarding food and supplies.

4. I forget what this point is. Will get back to it when I remember.

5. Speaking of the kitchen, Lorna will be going over it and then coordinating with Cain for the clean-up and renovations. Students aren't to go in there unless Cain asks for specific assistance, since we're not sure how stable or structurally sound the room is right now. Thank you. Edit: Ow. Or Lorna. Lorna can ask for specific assistance too.

6. OW. Fine. I'll go confess to my misdeeds now. ;p
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No classes.

Still have to deal with some cleaning up, but I'll try and post a longer update soon for you all if we've got more info soon. Until then everything's clear and fine and we're working getting evertyhing settled as soon as possible.

Ps. Sadly, no forwarding address was left with us to send the bill for damages. So no, we don't know who that was yet.
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Office hours
Make sure to book time. As of now, it might get a bit more difficult to catch me on the fly, since my schedule seems to have filled up a bit lately, so if you need me for anything regarding your classes, I repeat, book the time. Don't be afraid to book in advance if you're not sure, too.

Music Class
General overview is done! Those of you concentrating on classical music have to pick your major composer of preference by next week. Those of you who went the popular music route, I expect names and suggestions by then as well. Next week will be all about what you'd like to look at in particular regardless of the chosen musical style, so we can define your goals for the term.

Independent Music Study
There are time slots each week reserved only for you. I encourage you to touch base with me at least once a week, so we can make sure there's not backtracking needed at any point.

History of Music
Suggestions for the next module are open. Email me with your thoughts, but this is me encouraging that you all talk about this here, as well. You might find out interesting things about your fellow students and it allows those not in the class to offer you suggestions and ideas as well.

I've renewed the booking on the music for you for band practice through the term. Enjoy!

Booking the Music Room
As you can see, classes are already marked out, as is band practice and vocal practice (Terry, I'm looking at you). The remaining time is open for anyone to reserve it - you are however expected to reserve at least a day in advance. Otherwise, it's on a first come first serve basis. Also note that the time slots I've reserved for myself each day is to be considered as up for grabs if I haven't shown up within ten minutes of the start time.

Booking the Dance Room
If some of you want to get in more practice, I'm sure something can be arranged. Talk to Kurt, myself or Madelyn on that one and we'll work it out.
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Okay, considering the music reverberating through the halls today, this is a bit late, but hey, like it was pointed out, good news needs spreading. Sorry about the delay, we've been in a bit of medical shock since it happened.

It seems that the incident with Cain the other night had an unexpected (to say the least) side effect. The best explanation we have is that there was some kind of spillover from Nathan and Amanda's 'first aid' treatment, but to all effects and purposes, Alison is cured. No more pain, no more sensitivity to sound.

The queue for hugs starts on the left. *grins*

I'll leave the report on Cain to Moira - she's the one who's been working with him more - but he had regained consciousness and will recover, although it will take some time. Nathan's also on the mend - he had a flare-up of the virus as a result of over-straining his powers.
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Medlab has been rather busy today and yesterday. To explain, there was a training accident involving Alison and Mr. Marko very late Monday night. Alison was injured, but will be all right; Cain was more severely injured and will be in medlab recovering for some time. Nathan and Amanda were involved in delivering some rather unconventional first aid; they'll both need some time to recover as well, although I believe Amanda will be released back to her room today, if she hasn't been already.

Everything's under control. I'd just ask you all to avoid making unnecessary trips to the medlab - they're rather busy down there, so let's allow them to devote their attention to their current patients without interruption, if possible.
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Apologies for not keeping you updated on Alison's condition - we were more busy dealing with it than reporting it. But, I have good news for you all.

Alison suffered a power overload, as some of you know, and for the past week she's been radiating dangerous levels of light and/or lasers. Sam, Paige and Shiro have been invaluable help in being our hands while she was too bright for us to get near, and thanks to Forge, we've been able to provide a largely-soundprood environment for her to power down in.

The last couple of days her levels are down far enough that Moira, Hank and I can go into the isolation room, and we've decided it would be best for her recovery if she had a change of scenery. To that end, Cain's old room has been fitted up as a sound-reduced environment and she'll be able to wear an adapted synthsilk suit and wander the halls a little. So, as of tomorrow, she'll be released, returning to medlab at night for observation until her condition improves further.

At this point in time, Alison's nervous system is still recovering. She'll be hupersensitive to sound and touch, and in considerable pain. Please keep this in mind and don't mob her all at once.

A very heartfelt thank you to everyone that helped out. Consider yourselves off duty for the duration. ;)
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But here are the facts we have about what happened, before the rumors get started.

Some of you were aware that Alison had organized a shopping trip this afternoon. Accompanying her were Sean, Terry, Kyle, and Miles. A short time after they arrived at the mall, they were attacked by Magneto and the Brotherhood. Most, if not all of you, have probably seen the footage of what's left of the mall on the news by now.

Magneto's goal was to take Miles. He did not succeed. Miles is back here and safe, along with everyone else from Alison's group and the members of the team who went out after them when we got the signal from Miles' panic button. As far as we've heard, there were some civilians wounded, but no one was killed.

Sean, Terry, Kyle and Miles all suffered minor injuries in the fight, but will be fine. I can't give you many details about Alison's condition yet. Her powers were in a state of overload when she was brought back to the mansion, and Moira, Madelyn and Charles are doing what they can for her. Please avoid medlab except in case of emergency. When visitors are feasible, we'll let you know.

In terms of security, you may or may not have noticed the staff is at a heightened state of alert. Please watch the journals for any further announcements, keep an ear out for the telepaths, and stay aware of what's going on around you. If anything further happens, you'll know as soon as we do.
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Those of you who answered my earlier post, your names are already down for classes at the school, which will start two weeks from now (Nov. 8th). Anyone else wanting to hop in should let me know now, there's still a bit of room to work with in terms of sign-up.

There will be five classes a week made available to us. Depending on how often people go and how many they are each time, these may very well include only us until the school's sifu feels we've caught up with her regulars and decides to open the entire class schedule to us.

  - Monday: 10am to noon, 7pm to 9pm
  - Wednesday: 5.30pm to 7.30 pm
  - Friday: 10am to noon, 7pm to 9pm

If the morning classes are unattended, we'll see about rescheduling them to possibly Tuesday and Thursday evening, or the weekend. Attendance is up to you - you can choose to go to only one class a week or up to all five a week. I'd recommend three a week as a minimum myself, though you'll feel it for the first three months or so. Worth it though, trust me.

Travel to and back from classes will be taken care of by myself and others among the staff.
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I've found a school wiling to accept a new class, although it'll depend on how many of us go in terms of how many classes a week they'll offer us. Miles and I will be attending regularly and I know some of you wanted to join as well. If you're still interested, please comment so that I can do a final headcount before calling up the school with an official number. (Jubilee - for when you wake up, I'm already counting you in on this.)

Note: there'll be practice in the morning two to three times a week here at the mansion to accompany the classes.
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The Askani music research will be starting roughly on June 14th and continue for, well, as long as needed. Those who had dreams and mentioned wanting to participate already should sign up in this post.

We'll be going through individual meetings first in the recording studio, without any intervention at all, move on afterwards to the telepathic sessions and then go on as described in my first post on the matter. The first individual meetings can take from a half day to a full day, depending on the scope of the dream you had.

Note: There is no obligation for anyone to undergo the telepathic sessions if this makes them uncomfortable - this is on a volunteer basis only.

It's on a first come, first serve basis as to the time slots, so we're working with one person per day for the first set. All I need now is the order, I'll post up the final result when it's time.
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I've been meaning to do this for a little while now, but this is as good a time as any. We have students who are here to learn. Not only about their powers, but yes, that is an important aspect of the studies in this school. Achievements in this field should be recognized, and celebrated.

As such, I would like to congratule Marie-Ange, who a few weeks ago, achieved something she had never managed before with her abilities, and took a definite step forward in learning how to hone her control over her power.

Way to go, hon! :)


There's someone else who done good today. You know who you are. :)
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Who promised you the world on a platter while you were here, that's what I want to know. Who promised you the rose garden and the happy ever after with lace and sugar and a ribbon on top without oh, I don't know... you not having to actually work for it at all? Which "they" walked up to you and said you had to trust them and they expected it from you? Mmm? Hell, I haven't even told Miles anything of the sort.

So some of you keep saying "they" lied to you. Some keep saying "they" as though it were some sort of curse word, but fact is, I don't know anyone called "They" here. And some of you keep acting as though you're being kept in jail.

I'm wondering here. Who?
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It's our decisions that make us who we are. But sometimes, the range of our decisions... grow limited. Just sometimes.


Some of you have expressed an interest in communication. In reaching out to people via means of mass media. In peaceful activism. In learning how to talk with society to enact changes that might mean a peaceful - or perhaps just a little bit safer - world for future generations. Be they mutants, or not. Because this will affect, make no mistake, everyone, regardless of gender, skin color, age, nationality... or genetic differences.

I cannot be your spokesperson. And trust me, if I could have, I would have offered on the spot - but it would have not been doing you a favor. Not in the least. So I'll try and do what I can instead, and what will serve you far better, for all intents and purposes. I can choose to help you achieve what you want to do. Share with you what I learned, what I know, what I could do were it safe for me and others around me to do so.

I know the entertainment industry inside out. I know how the people in that field think, what they like, what they don't like, what they believe in or don't believe in. I know what they want to hear, and the kind of people they want to promote. I know how to make them want to promote people they don't think they want to promote.

I made it as a singer, and I didn't do it halfway.

And as such, I can offer you everything I learned in the process of forging my career. There are still people who talk to me in the industry, all of them damn fine human beings, and all of them damn good at what they do. They are from every kind of work field you can find there. And I can put you in contact with them. I can show you who to talk to. I can show you how to talk to them. I can show you how to figure out all these things on your own, and not need my help to make it.

I can also, if there are students interested, and I think they are, work on a class about just that. Or hold seminars on the topics you want to see. Introduction to Movie Making 101. Introduction to Schmoozing 101. Introduction to Not Putting Your Foot In Your Mouth 101. If it was part of making a career as a singer, I can teach it to you - and how to apply it to anything else that's related. Ask me to teach you something about what I know best.

I want to show it to you.

What say you?
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Most of you know this by now, but I figure with the influx of newcomers it might not be a bad idea to state this again.

Miles power is to negate mutant powers, within a certain range. It is currently always on and can't be controlled. Those of you who have active abilities that can't handle being "shut off" without warning, or that might leave you in a dangerous situation if shut off unexpectedly should be careful of this when in his vicinity and in general. Miles knows well enough to check the hallways and stairs before running off blindly – in fact, he's been insistent on knowing who he should ask before approaching, a habit you've all likely notice he still sticks to even now. That's because he was being used to negate other children's powers when he was being held by the freak show owners in Mexico. So now that he has a choice on the matter, he likes to exercise it, and then some. But he can't make certain 100% - he might be looking out a window and a flyer goes by, or leaning on a wall when someone is doing something on the other side.

That was the general part of this post.

Here's the more specific one.

I'd like to ask you all to keep the nature of Miles' power to yourselves. When interacting with friends or people who don't reside at the mansion, be it in person, phone or by email, please don't bring up the subject of his power – even if its' someone you know and trust. If you're talking with someone from the outside and somehow the conversation ends up turning to that subject (as natural as the conversation seemed), change the topic – and also let one of the staff know ASAP.

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As of today, I am no longer a student counselor. This is a choice I've made for largely personal reasons and that has been a while in the making. As such, Hank will be removing my access to the [ profile] x_students community per my request, effective immediately.

Anyone wishing to talk with me, on a purely unofficial basis since there is hardly anything official about talking to me now, will as always be more than welcome to do so – that's never changed after all, either before or during the time I was a student counselor. Should anyone be looking for me this evening, for whatever reasons ranging from simply wanting company to the sky about to fall on our heads, will find me in the music room teaching Miles how to read and write. He's rather enthused about the notion and frankly, that makes it all the more important to me as well.



Dec. 24th, 2003 03:47 am
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Hey all!

Hank's busy keeping an eye on her, but just to let you know - Lorna's been in and out lately, but steadily so. No longer then fifteen or twenty minutes at a time, and she still tires out easily... but she's aware and coherent when she's awake. When he has more time, Hank'll explain it all in big long words for you lot.

I got my christmas present early this year, I did.


Dec. 17th, 2003 09:23 pm
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It's done.

I didn't laser the judge. Not once. Or the bailiff with the sticky hands, or the police officers who pretended to know nothing about the freak show, or - yeah. You get the idea. So, I'm very proud of myself. Kept calm (I don't know if I should thank you for the "help", Professor, or exact vengeance when I get back) and got things done.

So. Miles now has papers that are as official as can be, under the circumstances. We're still going to need to formalize stuff once I bring him back here, I'm sure, for the authorities this side of the border.

I'm tired. Long day. If you have questions, ask away, but I can't think of stuff to add for now...

We're heading back tomorrow - should get here in mid-afternoon, roughly.

Oh yeah, and Jono got that haircut.
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All right, I'll be straight with you all, and spare you the fluff ~ the hurricane's hit town and it's not pretty.

Emergency shelters have been set up by the authorities but as has been clearly discussed with them by the Professor, right now they can use any help at all. And they're not inclined to be fussy in the least.

As a result, here is how we're looking at distributing our efforts, which the Professor offered to them earlier, and which was accepted. Some teams will be going out to assist the local rescue crews - you'll be assigned body armor that Emma has provided, and a headset each. Keep the headset on no matter what. You love the headset. The headset is your best friend.

Other teams are being sent to assist at shelters, with one coordinating student from each of those teams being assigned a headset so that we can all keep in contact as the physician for each team will be too busy with other tasks. This means that both our rescue teams AND the city rescue teams can contact you guys, don't forget that.

Shelter teams:

Beacon School Shelter
You'll be heading down there with Moira: Jamie, Paige and Jono.
Coordinating student: Jamie

Trinity Church Red Cross Shelter
The American Red Cross will set up that shelter for Hank to oversee: Marie-Ange, Alex, Doug, Jubilee & Terry.
Coordinating student: Doug

Rescue crew assistance teams:

First team
You'll be with me: Angelo and John.

Second team
You'll be with Marie: Kitty and Rahne.

Paige, you're on call while at the Beacon School shelter, in case the rescue teams hit high voltage situations - they've been advised of your location and the fact that you can help in such a matter, and will get in contact with you if need be. I've no doubt you know exactly what you'll need to husk into.

Sarah, you've got a choice. You can head down to the shelter with Moira's team, or considering the knowledge you have about the city, you can join one of the emergency teams, either mine or Marie's - you'd be invaluable for some of the underground rescues they're looking at right now.

Lorna, you're a floater between both teams as well, and you maybe called to another location if need be. Your powers just make you too important in this particular situation to try and tie you down to one particular assignment. The rescue teams have been advised of what you can do, and will call on you as necessary.

We all meet in the main lobby in thirty minutes. Any supplies you'll need have already been organized and assigned to you to pick up. The Professor will be checking in on all of us regularly.


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