Dec. 21st, 2007 08:35 am
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For those of you studying with Professor Farouk, he's taken ill and is getting some doctor ordered bed rest, so his classes and study sessions are canceled for the rest of the week. Enjoy the early start to your winter break.
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Ladies and gentlemen of the student body,

Indubitably the all-knowing grapevine has probably already made this notification unnessesary, but the proprieties should be observed nevertheless, yes?

I am Professor Farouk and I will be teaching independant study courses starting next Semester.

I specialize in Ancient and Medieval History of the Middle East and I will be offering a class in those subjects.

If you feel that such course is something you are interested in please contact me at your earliest convinience and we can start working on an individualized program, tailored to your interest.

However, keep in mind - these are nor survey courses and they make no allowences for beginners.

 If you are not an upperclassman and/or lack prior background in this area of study, I would strongly advise against signing up for the course. The size of the program will be limited and assigned on the first come/first serve basis.

My contact information is now availible through the school's registry.

Professor A. Farouk.


This is a difficult time for many of you, for obvious reasons, and so I will not unsult you by badgering those of you  concerned about missing friends or relatives  with old and tired cliches.

 However, I strongly suggest that you try to avoid locking yourself into aimless cycle of worry  and depression.

For most of us there is little recourse availible  currently but hope annd prayer. Apart from that, the best thing many of you can do is to start returning back to a semblence of your normal routine.


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