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I know things have been in an upheaval for a few days while we've been gone. Of course, I am here to add to that uncertainty.

We are not certain of when it happened, but at some point in the recent past, Bobby Drake was replaced.

More specifically, he was taken from us, held hostage by a group calling themselves the "Friends of Humanity," and the person we've been believing was Bobby Drake was, in fact, a woman known as Mystique. A woman who is a known associate of Magneto, with the power to shapeshift herself into another person's form.

How she was able to do the, admittedly small when thought upon in reflection, duplication of Bobby's ice abilities is uncertain at this time. Mystique is known to have many tricks up her sleeve, but never has she been able to not only duplicate a person's form, but their powers as well. It's possible that Magneto, using the information gained from the military, was able to boost her powers in some way. It's also possible her own powers have advanced to that state. I don't think it likely that she had any mechanical assistance.

Bobby is now back with us, and in the medlab, where he is recovering. If you wish to see him, please speak to Dr. McCoy. A check upon the person's identity using telepathy will be required in advance.

I'm certain that once Bobby has recovered, he'll be able to tell us what ... and when it .. happened.

And please, for your own health, do not mention Ms. Braddock to me for the next 12 hours.
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I can't get to edit my last post. I meant to link to Rogue, Ev, Jono and Logan, but the links didn't work and the system won't let me edit. Kitty says that it's because your fnord has been nibbling on the cables. You might want to check that, especially with kids like Yana and Artie around. Because Roast Child is a bad, bad plan.
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I'd just like to publicly apologize to everyone for, well, last week. All of it. I really wish that none of it had happened, but it did, and although I can't change any of it I want to try and make up for it if I can.

, you deserved -- deserve -- better than me.
, I'm really sorry about your bed and your stuff, and for being a really crap introduction to the school. It's better than this, honest.
, sorry.
, thanks for all your help since Tuesday. I really appreciate it.

Everyone else, I hope you enjoyed the ice cream. If you want more, you know where to find me. I was thinking of trying for peanut brittle ice cream, but I don't really know how to make peanut brittle. Which could be a problem there, I think.

W're okay

May. 14th, 2003 11:50 am
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We're safe -- me, my girlfriend, our babysitter and my snoring roommate. The babysitter says we shouldn't say where we are, but that he has one of those X-phone things and could someone call him?


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