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We have a badly injured but stable civilian casualty in the medlab. He'll make it, but he's going to be with us for a while, I suspect. For now, if you don't really need the medlab, I'll ask you all to steer clear. Things are still busy down here, and we're not sure if he'll be waking up any time soon, or what state he'll be in when he does. More information if and when it becomes available.

If anyone wants to volunteer to babysit Billy, I'd appreciate it.
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The Box is now officially operational once more - it has been for about a week, but tests had to be run and redundancies put in place in case of a second breakdown.... which will occur if it is put to the same amount of use as it was before it broke down. It is a very fragile, very complicated piece of machinery, and overuse will invariably cause it to break down.

This being the case, it is now strictly off limits except in cases of true emergency, under the supervision of the medlab staff. If anyone does feel it's an emergency, of course, they should head straight for the medlab, and let us know immediately.
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The trouble with emailing back and forth and posting to different journals and groups and so on is that you start to lose track of who knows what's going on and who doesn't.

So, general announcement to those I've forgotten to tell... I'm going away for a few days, leaving tomorrow morning (we're flying commercial, which is uncomfortable but fast), and back sometime Monday. I'm taking Billy and Maddie to meet my parents... 'bout time for both of them, I've been told... and Forge, Kyle and Dani are coming along too, to get some fresh air and see steak on the hoof and so on. We won't be gone long... everyone take care of yourselves while we're away. :)
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I would like to announce the birth of William Norton McCoy, at 1:17 AM on May the 29th. He has black hair, brown eyes, and weighs seven pounds, one and a half ounces. He has no physical mutations or active powers at present. Despite being slightly premature, he is in perfect health, and he and his mother are both sleeping off a long and difficult delivery.

I'm a dad.

There are no words.
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Dani has, as of oh-god-hundred this morning, gone into labour. The baby is finally on his or her way into the world. Now, this is likely to take some time, and as soon as the baby does arrive an announcement will be made. For now, the medlab is more or less off limits unless someone is actively bleeding - the medlab helpers can handle any minor problems that may crop up. Any good wishes, good thoughts, and prayers to whatever deities are preferred will all be much appreciated. Please nobody blow up the house. Sockovia is requested to respect the Medlabland borders for the duration of this crisis, in the spirit of intermansional fraternity.

That last part made little sense.

I'm going to be a father in a matter of hours, and I haven't had any coffee. I believe a lack of brain function can be excused, under the circumstances.

Wish us well. :)
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As of tomorrow, Nathan will be allowed unrestricted visitation. Visits must be kept short, as he's still sleeping a great deal, but those who wish to see him can stop by without sneaking past the supervising doctors. Gifts are permitted, although he's not really eating as yet. He's currently immobilized - his spine was injured, for those who don't know - and there's a lot of medical equipment and things that go 'beep' in there with him. So no jostling, and keep touching to an absolute minimum. (Catseye, that means no getting on the bed just yet... you'll be able to a bit later, but not yet)

However, there is to be *no* arguing with him, riling him, or agitating him in any way. He must not be upset. Anyone who really can't help arguing with him is welcome to go outside and do it with an imaginary Nathan who isn't suffering from serious injuries.

Anyone failing to follow these guidelines will be risking Dismemberment by Angry Scotswoman. I'm just saying. *g*


Mar. 2nd, 2005 08:16 am
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You may have noticed for yourselves, but Hank's condition has gotten significantly worse, to the point where he's having trouble finding his way around. Moira and I are trying to keep him with us, but since I'm going to be tied up off-campus the next few days, I think Moira would appreciate help with keeping an eye on him.

I wouldn't say it will be easy, considering the state he's in, but I wouldn't be asking unless it was necessary.

We're working as hard as we can on finding a cure. No luck yet, but it's a matter of time.
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So, with the assent of the staff, I'm going to be taking over Doc McCoy's CompSci class while he recovers, with Kitty playing Vanna White to my Pat Sajak. ...or something like that. :)

Anyways, just in case those of you in the CompSci class think I'm going to be like substitute teachers from your old schools, where it's an excuse to have a free period to goof off, think again. I have Doc McCoy's lesson plans, years of hacker genius experience, another hacker genius as assistant, and a mutant talent for languages, and I'm not afraid to use them.

Seriously, I promise it won't be boring, I hope you'll give me a chance, and I hope that I won't be taking these duties for too long before our favorite blue-furred doctor is back in his rightful place.

Hank McCoy

Feb. 20th, 2005 08:20 pm
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Some of you might have notice Hank has been increasingly forgetful and irritable over the past few weeks, missing classes and whatnot. It turns out that he's actually suffering an illness rather than anything else - it's effecting his ability to concentrate and his emotional state.

As of today Hank will be on medical leave from his medlab duties, and from teaching. I'll be attempting to arrange coverage of his classes and my own, but in the meantime I ask for the patience and understanding of his students.

Medlab helpers - I'd be much obliged if I could see you all in my office this evening. I'm going to need help covering all the shifts. Moira's been contacted but as yet I'm not sure when she's coming back.

At this point we're not positive what this illness is, however it is not contagious, and I'd ask everyone to be supportive of him during what's going to be a difficult time.


Feb. 19th, 2005 06:11 am
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I made it, I believe, quite clear that Amanda was forbidden to use her healing magics save at great need, for the sake of her health. Great magic puts a great strain on her body, and could do permanent damage. Apparently, however, I failed to emphasize this enough.

Therefore, I will make myself very clear indeed. Nobody, NOBODY, is to ask Amanda to perform any act of magic for them, for any reason whatsoever. Not a finding spell, not a charm, not the levitation of a pencil. Since clearly concern for her health is not a sufficient deterrent, perhaps the prospect of personal punishment will do the job.

This subject is not open to debate. Nobody is to take this up with Amanda, or in any way make her feel guilty for not being available to be taken advantage of. I trust that this is sufficiently clear to everyone.
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Neither the Box, nor Nathan, will be available today. The latter is asleep inside the former, and has been sedated quite thoroughly to ensure that he remains that way until dinnertime. He badly needed to catch up on his sleep, after the last few days, and is not to be disturbed for any reason, up to and including earthquakes. Flowers for the temporarily departed may be left at the door, and gifts of chocolates in the capable and entirely trustworthy hands of the staff. ;) He should be up and around sometime this evening.

Since I do not trust him not to somehow throw off the sedative and try to escape, however, I am going to stay right here until I'm absolutely sure he's down for the count. Is there any possibility that someone might run down some breakfast for me? And coffee? I would be extremely grateful.
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As of now, Amanda's magical healing has been restricted, for the sake of her own health and wellbeing. She has been working far too hard, and needs to rest and recuperate... so, until it is announced otherwise, she will be performing magical healings only in emergencies and extreme situations. Under *no* circumstances is anyone to approach her on this topic, either to ask for healing or to ask impertinent questions on the subject. For now, any healing must first be authorized by one of the medical staff. If you wish to ask if an exception can be made, consult with one of us, not Amanda.

To repeat, and make it quite clear... there is to be no coaxing, pleading, guilt-tripping or blackmailing of Amanda in order to convince her to heal you. Although I would like to think that no-one here would do such a thing, I feel that it should nevertheless be said, for the record. Should I discover that someone has made the attempt, I and the other doctors will not be pleased with that person.

Thank you, that is all.
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For those that have been eagerly awaiting this particular tidbit of much-anticipated and most-welcome news...

Shiro is now awake. Visitation policy is currently at a limited engagement only-- he's still rather worn out, and as such, we don't want to run him too raggedly, of course. Those wishing to visit should contact either myself or the other medlab staff, as we'll be working with a prioritized list, and letting in visitors as he is fit to see them. Please note that this is not first-come-first serve, per se.

I will now be heading upstairs for a sandwich. I will be happy to entertain the early-bird visitation requests for those who are quick to the mark-- AFTER I have completed the first sandwich's consumption and chased it with a tall glass. Prior to that, I'll be shuffling premature and untimely expressions of visitation desires to the end of the list.
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Until further notice, only emergency trips should be made to Medlab. I need the area to remain as clear as possible for some tests I am running to help determine the cause of Ms. Braddock's recent atypical behaviour. My apologies for the terseness of this notice, but I must return to work forthwith. I shall elaborate when circumstances return to a more leisurely pace.

In case it has not already become apparent through implication, Ms. Braddock is to be found in my care for the duration, so there shall be no need to raise an alarm if she is not to be found. Given past events, I must insist on no visitors for her until further notice, as well.
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I'm afraid I will likely not be joining you all at the dance, as duty must ever take precedence over fun--but have a good time! And if anyone should have such a thing as a video camera about their person during the event, I would very much appreciate a recording.

On to my good news, which will perhaps give you all something to celebrate.

Firstly, Manuel de la Rocha, our slumbering Spaniard, is at last awake, if by no means fully recovered; my thanks to Marie-Ange, Rahne, and Douglas for their yeoman service.

Secondly, and likely of more import to many of you: Lorna awoke for a few minutes this evening. She was delirious, and slipped quickly back into unconsciousness, but it was a most felicitous first step, and her chances of a full recovery are now immeasurably higher.
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Those of you who wish to visit Lorna in the medlab may do so, although the visits will be limited to looking at her through a window; her condition requires that I keep her environment as sterile as possible, to reduce the risk of infection. I will warn you that she is bandaged quite heavily and does not at all look her usual radiant self. Individuals or small groups, and short visits, are much to be preferred, as she is still in a very delicate state.

The people hovering near Lorna's room, that you will most likely not recognize, are Paul and Janice Dane, Lorna's parents. I'm sure they would appreciate your good wishes.
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For the next two weeks, if anyone needs me, I can be located at the Holiday Inn in Tokyo, where I will be attending a biomedics and bioethics conference. I'm actually looking forward to it, as it's the first time I've been to Japan in quite some time. I'm taking both image inducers, so no one get any fabulous ideas of pretending to be me while I'm away.

Please, try not to break anything in my absence, and if you do, tell dear Kitty, who is highly competent and will most likely be able to fix it on her own. But the best measure is just not to cause havok.

As they say, sayonara!
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Dear children,

I understand the drive for self-discovery, particularly at your tender ages, and particularly with the special and unique abilities with which you all have been blessed (or cursed, depending on your point of view). Your bodies are doing strange and semi-miraculous things, and it's only natural to want to know exactly which action creates which miraculous equal and opposite reaction. You are also all sound young persons, and I expect that not only do you all have sound judgement, but that you use it every day, in ways I cannot possibly begin to understand or appreciate.

However, if you are going to do something that said sound judgement determines might have (a) potential for percussive and/or explosive and/or destructive force, (b) potential for creation of permanent circumstances -- look up 'chemical change' in the dictionary to see what I mean, (c) potential for upsetting and/or alienating and/or flat-out displacing for the night one of your fellow classmates or staff members, (d) potential for creating a reaction that will require very expensive attention, and/or (e) even the slightest potential hazard to life and limb and property, do not do it without consulting an adult first. I know that very many of you are at the age that you might consider yourselves adults, but as long as you or those around you might have doubts about a situation, please, consult a mutant who's been around the block a few more times than you have. You'll save yourself a lot of time and grief in the long run.

Besides, you might end up large, blue, and hairy, and then who would be able to tell us apart? No one, that's who.

Your loving sysadmin and big bad monster living in the basement,


May. 19th, 2003 03:53 pm
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Greetings again from the server room! My, it's hot down here.

I'm delighted to see we have so many new additions to the system, and I'd like to welcome you all! I trust you haven't had any problems setting things up; I tried to make everything as intuitive as I can. Of course, I must always be prepared for the possibility that what's intuitive to me is as comprehensible as Swahili to others (certain prominent staff exceptions duly noted). Still, if there are any problems, keep in mind that I can't help you if I don't know about them.

However, with so many new additions, I feel this is an excellent time to repeat a few of my concerns regarding user-end security of the system -- particularly because I've been spending of late my days and nights up to my nose and toes in code and wire, making triple-certain on all ends that nothing was comprimised. In the end, I've concluded that they were not out to attack the system, but in case something like this ever happens again (God forbid that it ever should), I'd like you all to take these few precautions regarding password integrity.

Your password should be eight characters long or longer, should have a combination of numbers and letters, and should preferably not be based on a dictionary word. Foreign words and short phrases, names from non-Classical mythology, and easy to remember made-up words are all excellent choices. I will be running password-cracking software at regular intervals. Anyone whose password is found to be vulnerable will automatically be locked out of his or her account, and will have to come to me to explain why these instructions were so difficult to follow. (Yana, sweetheart, ask Piotr or me for help, all right?)

This is particularly important for those of you on the road who may unknowingly be connecting through less secure means. This means you too, Mr. Allerdyce; if you intend to continue using the system -- and I do encourage you to continue, John -- just be certain you're doing so with utmost precaution. I'm less worried about Magneto's intrusions and more that some bored adolescent cracker will guess your password and leave your journal full of 3's.

I encourage all newcomers to trudge down to the bowels of the mansion and say hello; circumstances have prevented me, of late, from being more sociable, and I apologize. Oh, and if you come, do bring with you a glass of something cold. The heat is making my fur crinkle.
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Fabulous, fabulous! Glad to see you're all getting along with the project so well.

My silence and absence may indicate that I've been a bit, shall we say, occupied lately? Preoccupied? Postoccupied? No matter. Don't get any ideas; it's nothing fun, unless careful gene splicing for hours at a time in a tiny white room before teleconferencing with men in starched ties is your idea of a sally picnic. But as much as it pains me to be away from all you little bundles of joy -- and the staff too -- duty calls. I'll post whenever I can, and return as soon as I can get away.

If any of you should need something with regards to the project (or anything at all, really) and find yourself completely and utterly incapable of dealing with it on your own -- which is, of course, a purely hypothetical situation, as you all -- even the staff -- are fine and capable beings -- don't hesitate to drop me a line here. I'd suggest email, but I see the problem of 'spam' (dreadful thing) has already been discussed, and I have questions about the security of my mail server, as they won't let me near its more delicate components after the last little techie and I had a bit of a falling-out (artistic differences, of course; I had a sense of art, and he didn't). But as long as I can keep an eye on this, near, far, wherever I ... er ... am, I'll be satisfied with its brick-wall ability to keep out the big bad wolves of the world.

As for me, well, I've obviously been spending most of my time with my new image editor. Such fun! And to think I was worried about not having a current photograph of myself.

I think it's a striking likeness.


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