Holy crap.

Aug. 12th, 2005 06:53 pm
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Okay, did anybody else just see the plane landing, like, really really badly? I mean, I wouldn't mention except I'm pretty sure they winged one of the hoops and there were, like, scraping noises under the basketball court after it closed back up, and usually it's all smooth and nifty and stuff, and

Geez, is everybody OK? Stupid question, I know, they just got back and there hasn't been time to check and even less time to figure out how much to declassify, but . . . okay, better question, is there anything I can do to help? Even just calming down and making food or something, that'd work.
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Ladies and gentlemen, boys, girls, and anybody who mutated outside the usual genders and didn't tell me . . .

Thanks to a generous donation from our esteemed groundskeeper Mr. Cain Marko . . .

The entertainment firm of Madrox, Madrox, Madrox, Madrox, Madrox et al presents, in a limited engagement . . .

Boiler Beach! Bringing a little piece of summer home to you, the overstressed mutant suffering from the holiday blues! Located a short convenient walk downstairs in the old boiler room! Take a beach vacation without leaving the house! Sun! Sand! . . . No surf, though, sorry, Alex, I couldn't figure out how to build a wave pool anywhere except the ballroom or the Danger Room, and I figured people would get a little annoyed if I put one either place. :)

Four out of five Jamie Madroxes give it two thumbs up! Enjoy Boiler Beach today!
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Anybody else up for seeing some movie that isn't Rocky Horror on Friday?  Figure we can stick with the group for dinner, and then when they go do their thing, we can hit some theater that isn't doing performance art.  "Sky Captain," "The Forgotten," and "Shaun of the Dead" all look like they're worth a shot, if nobody else has suggestions.
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Hey all,

I intend to go see Peter Pan, tomorrow or thereabouts, but would like some tiny ones to come with me as alibies... The movie has flying English boys and Jason Isaac as Captain Hook... You can find the trailer here.

Special invite to Alison, Miles, Illyana and Shinobi (with company). ;)



Oct. 30th, 2003 04:33 pm
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So it looks like a lot of us want to have a party tomorrow. That okay with the teachers?

If it is, we need to figure out food. How are we fixed for party food, and who's got their license and time tomorrow morning to hit the store with me for what we don't have?

Also, music. PCIF's lead guitarist is kinda not here, so I dunno if we can do a whole lot of live. BYOCD always works, though. And hey, two acronyms in the same paragraph! I could be in the government. :)

And who needs costume ideas? We could get together sometime tonight and brainstorm about that, or do it here, whatever. (And are any of the teachers planning on dressing up?)

And we should figure out where we're gonna have the main party, and where we are with decorations and stuff.

Who wants to do what? And if you want help, reserve a dupe now, they go pretty quick. :)
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Lorna had a really good idea about having a Fourth of July barbecue with pie and baseball and hopefully, hint hint, a light show, but I wanted to make sure it was okay since we just had a barbecue a few weeks ago.

So is it okay? I'll grill again, and Lorna said she'd make the pie, and I'm sure we've got enough people to field at least two baseball teams.

And since we have someone in residence who's world-famous for her amazing light shows, I was hoping, maybe, if she's not too busy, we could maybe have a suitably Fourthish celebration after dark? I'm willing to negotiate payment in fudge. Large quantities of fudge. :)


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