Lorna Dane

Mar. 18th, 2011 11:51 am
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Just a quick note. Lorna has decided to book herself into Muir Island for a while to sort out some powers related issues. She asked me if I'd make a quick post since she also managed to forget her laptop in her room before heading to the airport. She says she's fine and it's nothing to be worried about, but she needs some testing done and the big brains of Moira to get things sorted out. You can reach her through Muir's switchboard, and she's still on the journal system here if you need her for anything.
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I will be baking some red velvet cupcakes for Valentine's Day (FOC). If anyone wants to dedicate a box (you will have a choice of two to four cupcakes per box) to someone special, please let me know. Orders will close on Monday evening at 6PM. You know where to find me.
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For those not heading home, this is your last chance to get your requests in for Thanksgiving dinner. There will be a special meal served for breakfast and a light buffet treat for lunch.

I'll be leaving for Hawaii on Friday (will be away for a week), so if you've been craving for something special to eat, now's your chance to get it.

I'll be in the kitchen all day, so just come see me.
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I will be out grocery shopping tomorrow. If anyone wants to request anything special made for the 4th of July weekend, please let me know through here or send me a text message/email/look for me in the kitchen.

I also need two able-bodied volunteers to help me. We leave at 5PM.

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I will be conducting a beginners baking class every Saturday beginning on the 1st of May and ending on the 29th of May. Aprons will be provided. If anyone is interested to sign up, come find me in the kitchen or leave me a message here.
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Hello, my lovelies. I've prepared a breakfast/brunch buffet in the dining hall.

Sneak peak! )

So who's been messing up the kitchen while I was away?
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Since Yvette just reminded me that not everyone has been around for an Xavier barbecue, I though I should make an announcement.

As per traditional, it'll be outside on the patio and most of the usual foods will be there. In absence of Jamie, I'm having to adjust grilling plans unless someone wants to be on hamburger, hot dog, carne asada detail.

Otherwise there's all the usual fair plus the special diet stuff. If you're one of those, make sure you see me so that I can direct you to the right dishes.

Have a good fourth, everyone.
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Lunch Wednesday is going to be on the front lawn. Why? Because it's going to be a beautiful day, that's why. So we're having a picnic. Yes, the food will thus be picnic themed.

I'm not saying there will be pies and possibly a game of ultimate frisbee. But I'm not denying it either.

All Hands

Oct. 29th, 2006 10:11 am
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Pumpkin assistants and would be artisans, please report to the lunchroom.

Remember, grubby clothes are the way to go.


Oct. 27th, 2006 01:29 pm
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As some of you may have noticed, our morning groceries came with a palette of pumpkins. These are intended for many things, not the least of which are pies, seeds and carvings.

None of them are intended for putting in a catapult and launching, Scott. (Or whatever it is that you're now plotting, Forge.)

Anyway, point is, Sunday will be a day of pumpkin carving. I'd love some volunteers to help out the kidbits. I promise extra treats for helper monkeys. Anyone is welcome to come, of course.
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Or failing volunteers, I'll start drafting.

As you all know (because you read the memos that we put in your mailboxes, yes?) we will be having an actual Prom for Xavier's on May 26th.

I've been doing all the heavy lifting so far. We have a place booked, we have rentals ordered. But now I require assistance from you, the students and otherwise.

First, you must suggest prom themes so that I may get decorations.

Second, you must volunteer yourselves so that I may have appropriate amounts of manual labor in order to do all the decorating.

I'm aware this is a strange time to be doing this but we all need a little distraction right now.
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If anyone's looking for Lorna, she's here in the suite with me.

That being said, our door is locked and will remain that way on Lorna's request. She's trying very hard to cope right now and doesn't want to see people at the moment. It's nothing against you guys...she just can't handle it right now.

If you want to try and visit, drop me an e-mail please. I'll ask her but don't count on her granting your request. I'd prefer to do it this way then having to unlock the door to turn people away. This is about making her feel safe and I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure that happens.


Oct. 16th, 2005 09:11 pm
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We're home. Lorna and Forge are in the medlab. Physically, they're mostly unhurt but they'll be isolated until further notice.

Stay out of the medlab. If there's some kind of an emergency, page the doctors and someone will come to you. Security measures are still in place until I say otherwise.
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The team left this morning to go retrieve Lorna and Forge. If all goes well, they should be back within several hours with our missing people. And judging by the files I'm catching up on here in the database - this was so not the weekend to get sick - if all doesn't go well, it won't be for lack of trying and meticulous planning.

Those of us who are still here are monitoring the mansion's own security situation very closely. We do not - I repeat, do not have any reason to believe that all of the happy little green lights on the metaphorical board will not stay green for the rest of the day. But we'd appreciate it if you students kept any need for attention to a minimum. Stay on the grounds, find something to do, and try and relax.

This may all very well be over by tonight. I think we can all hope for that.
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Making this sort of announcement is never easy, and the fact that it's ever had to be done more than once is, quite frankly, depressing beyond belief.

To be succinct: if any of you encounter Lorna Dane outside the mansion, you are not to try and engage her in conversation. You are not to approach her. Stay well clear of her and call the emergency number immediately.

We cannot give you specific details, mostly because we don't have them to give. What we do have makes it very clear that we need to take these measures until we sort out what precisely is going on and can help her.
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Will all students and non-security staff please report to the library. If your roommate/best friend/significant other is missing, do not go looking for him/her. We are already searching for them, we don't want to have to search for you too.

If you have volunteered to walk security rounds, please check in at the library before you begin.
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Ladies, gentlemen, friends, romans, countrymen, the rest of you, (pick the term you feel most comfortable with)

This is your friendly neighborhood gourmet coming to you with a Very Important Announcement. I'm certain that good sense would lead you to this conclusion anyway and should you possess such, please feel free to roll your eyes at the crazy green-haired lady.

For the rest of you who aren't possessed of any sense at all, good or otherwise--Heads Up. I'm saying something important here.


That means none and all. None of the recent animal arrivals and all of the places where food is made for comsumption by yourselves or others. No, I don't care how cute they are or how hungry. They can be cute and fed elsewhere. My kitchens are not the place for it. If a pet enters my kitchen, they are subject to the same treatment as all other animal flesh--namely being served on a bed of angelhair pasta or in a stew.

Okay, I'm probably joking about that last bit.

But not about the caps locked part.


Thank you for your cooperation.

By the way, I made pizzas.
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All my classes today are cancelled. Please study your texts and be prepared for our next session. Questions on the material can be directed to your classes previous substitute teacher.

Thank you,

Lorna Dane


Dec. 24th, 2003 03:47 am
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Hey all!

Hank's busy keeping an eye on her, but just to let you know - Lorna's been in and out lately, but steadily so. No longer then fifteen or twenty minutes at a time, and she still tires out easily... but she's aware and coherent when she's awake. When he has more time, Hank'll explain it all in big long words for you lot.

I got my christmas present early this year, I did.
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I'm afraid I will likely not be joining you all at the dance, as duty must ever take precedence over fun--but have a good time! And if anyone should have such a thing as a video camera about their person during the event, I would very much appreciate a recording.

On to my good news, which will perhaps give you all something to celebrate.

Firstly, Manuel de la Rocha, our slumbering Spaniard, is at last awake, if by no means fully recovered; my thanks to Marie-Ange, Rahne, and Douglas for their yeoman service.

Secondly, and likely of more import to many of you: Lorna awoke for a few minutes this evening. She was delirious, and slipped quickly back into unconsciousness, but it was a most felicitous first step, and her chances of a full recovery are now immeasurably higher.


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