On recent departures

Hello, everyone.

Due to a number of circumstances, we have seen several departures from the school. In order to ensure full communication, I have decided to announce the details of those departures for you all.

As he announced, Nathan Dayspring has moved to New York proper, in order to run the new Elpis headquarters that has been set up there. The boathouse, at this time, is vacant. He will be available for consultation on matters within Elpis' ambit, so he will be seen around the Institute on occasion.

Jean-Paul Beaubier, Jeanne-Marie Beaubier and Shiro Yoshida have gone to Muir Island for powers training and personal assistance. Danielle Moonstar has also sought help with her powers, on Attilan, where she hopes to complete her college education.

Noriko Kikuchi has returned home to Japan, to reconnect with her parents and to complete her final year of high school. Johnny Gallo has returned home to assist in his father's recovery, and Victor Borkowski has gone home to help care for his ill mother. Sarah Vale has also returned home to her family.

Scott Summers and Dr. Jean Grey are currently on vacation, however they will not be returning to the school. In order to expand the West Coast Annex to more than a training facility, I have asked them to relocate there. With the aftermath of Day Zero and the San Diego earthquake, it is less and less safe for mutants in this country, and it is apparent that the current team is under considerable strain. To this end, I am establishing a second team at the Annex, to be created by Scott and Jean.

In order to cover those classes previously taught by those who have left, a number of the existing teachers have stepped up to take those on. I hope the students will cooperate with them and make this transition run smoothly.

I thank you for your patience during this difficult time and I wish the best to all those who have moved on. If you have any questions, my door is, of course, always open.

Charles Xavier

So people know...

Nate's woken up and is at least moderately capable of visitors, as long as you don't upset him or stress him out. Come on down. I promise not to draft you for baby duty. Probably.

Our no-longer-missing pair...

The Blackbird went out yesterday and retrieved Nathan and Jean-Paul. They were attacked in Moldova while they were traveling, which is why they dropped out of contact. Apologies for not being specific about our concerns, but we really weren't sure what was going on until yesterday. It took Charles some time to pinpoint a location.

They're both in rough shape, and Jean-Paul's going to be spending some time in the infirmary. Please, no visitors for now.

Nathan's condition

As Kyle's post may have suggested to some of you, there were complications involved in yesterday's mission. Unfortunately, most of them seem to have involved Nathan, who will be residing with us down here in the medlab for a while. He sustained a number of serious injuries and while they have all been treated, he is currently unconscious and we do not know when he will wake up. His condition is stable and you are welcome to come sit with him if you would like.

Call me an optimist...

But I've decided to take another crack at breaking the field trip curse. Some of you probably remember me discussing a possible ice-climbing trip, back before Christmas. I've tentatively booked a lesson on Friday and a climb on Saturday in the Adirondacks, but I need to be able to give them numbers. Who all is still interested?

A request

Nathan is not the brightest bulb in the box and seems to have contracted a case of pneumonia as a result of his inadvertent swim through a Russian river. This is not surprising, given the cleanliness of most Russian rivers. Nor, in retrospect, is it at all surprising that he didn't think to connect the fact of his sudden dunking and the fact of his developing cold symptoms and come in and see me. And so he was forcibly brought in when his fever hit high enough to cause him to pass out. Thank you for that, Soorya.

I haven't been able to figure out how contagious a strand of pneumonia he's suffering from, so I need to beg that anyone who's been spending a protracted period of time with him (Elpis staff particularly and potentially those of you taking classes with him) come in for a check-up tomorrow. More than likely you'll all have a clean bill of health but if not, this will also give us a chance to get you started on antibiotics so you don't end up like Nate.

(Also, someone needs to reset his 'x days without passing out' counter. Yes, it's after midnight and he's just woken up, so I'm cranky and going to bed now.)

Well, I guess this is for me to do...

... considering that I'm the reason she's here, and given that she won't be able to introduce herself for a while yet. We have a new student at the school, as of today; we brought her back from Afghanistan last night under somewhat unusual circumstances. When I stop slamming my head into the desk at my own stupidity I may just share the story.

Her name is Sooraya Qadir. She speaks Dari and Pashtun, and not a word of English, hence her not being able to introduce herself just yet. (She and I are going to be spending a lot of time working on her English, however, so hopefully that will change soon.) Obviously, she's coming from a very different culture than ours, and it's liable to take her some considerable amount of time and effort to adjust.

I won't get into details, but she's not been treated all that well. So if everyone could please aim for 'kind and nonthreatening', I'd very much appreciate it - and refrain from throwing anyone in the lake.


Announcement to all staff and students:

We have received word from the away team that Nathan has been located and the situation is over. They are returning home, Nathan is with them, and everyone is intact. There will be further details in the future, but for now, rest assured that Nathan and the team are well and will be home soon.

To all staff and students:

To those of you who may have heard rumors or whispers of an occurance involving one of our staff members, I would like to give a little information.

Mr. Dayspring left the mansion on a task of his own devising yesterday morning. Since he departed, his father has arrived at the mansion to share some information, and we have received several emails shedding some light on his whereabouts. It seems that all may not be going as well as he hoped, so a team has been dispatched to help him if necessary.

As always, I am grateful for your patience and understanding on these matters, and if anyone has questions or wishes to discuss this further I encourage you to come to my office. I would be happy to speak with you. I know you may be worried about Mr. Dayspring, but please be assured that we will do everything in our power to make sure he returns to the Mansion safely.


Anyone coming to Seattle needs to be in the front foyer by 9am. Yes, I know this is early, given the time of our flight, but security at the airport is liable to run screaming at the sight of us, so we need to allow sufficient time to corral the terrifed.

... okay, I need sleep. Whoever shows up in the foyer with coffee for me in the morning, I will love you forever.

To clear some things up...

The team left this morning to go retrieve Lorna and Forge. If all goes well, they should be back within several hours with our missing people. And judging by the files I'm catching up on here in the database - this was so not the weekend to get sick - if all doesn't go well, it won't be for lack of trying and meticulous planning.

Those of us who are still here are monitoring the mansion's own security situation very closely. We do not - I repeat, do not have any reason to believe that all of the happy little green lights on the metaphorical board will not stay green for the rest of the day. But we'd appreciate it if you students kept any need for attention to a minimum. Stay on the grounds, find something to do, and try and relax.

This may all very well be over by tonight. I think we can all hope for that.

One of those weeks...

Chalk up one more teacher whose classes are going to be a little delayed, although hopefully not by more than a week or so. Mr. Dayspring was involved in an accident in New York earlier today, and he'll be recovering in one of the city hospitals for the next several days. The decision was made that he was probably better off there, given that the doctors here have their hands so full. Doctor MacTaggart is going to be staying there with him at least overnight.

Rahne, Moira wanted me to ask you if you were up for babysitting, since you and Rachel get along so well. If you need anything, we're all right here of course, and Charles can help if Rachel has any kind of telepathic upset. She's with Ororo right now.

No idea how I got talked into this...

But, would anyone be interested in a bit of a field trip? Specifically, to the New York State Fair this Saturday. Highly kitschy, I know, but probably a whole lot of fun. Plus they have butter sculptures and Bengal tigers...

For anyone who's interested, we'd probably be leaving first thing in the morning on Saturday, to enjoy the whole day-long experience. Wouldn't mind a couple more chaperones over the age of majority, too...

Edited: Rule number one of going to the fair. NO LASERS!

Those of you who've been looking for Moira and noticed she's not been in evidence...

She's left me again. Kidding!

Seriously, she's been helping a friend in town for the last little while with an experiment that's been rather time-intensive, hence the scarce-Scotswoman act. She wanted me to let all of you know that she should have wrapped things up by tomorrow, so if you want or need to talk to her, then would be a good time to come looking.

Although I reserve the right to steal her first. We have wedding plans to discuss... I've gone ahead and made all kinds of arrangements while she's been busy, and she may just decide she needs to kill me. Pray for me, if you're so inclined?

General Announcement

As of tomorrow, Nathan will be allowed unrestricted visitation. Visits must be kept short, as he's still sleeping a great deal, but those who wish to see him can stop by without sneaking past the supervising doctors. Gifts are permitted, although he's not really eating as yet. He's currently immobilized - his spine was injured, for those who don't know - and there's a lot of medical equipment and things that go 'beep' in there with him. So no jostling, and keep touching to an absolute minimum. (Catseye, that means no getting on the bed just yet... you'll be able to a bit later, but not yet)

However, there is to be *no* arguing with him, riling him, or agitating him in any way. He must not be upset. Anyone who really can't help arguing with him is welcome to go outside and do it with an imaginary Nathan who isn't suffering from serious injuries.

Anyone failing to follow these guidelines will be risking Dismemberment by Angry Scotswoman. I'm just saying. *g*

Just to let everyone know...

Neither the Box, nor Nathan, will be available today. The latter is asleep inside the former, and has been sedated quite thoroughly to ensure that he remains that way until dinnertime. He badly needed to catch up on his sleep, after the last few days, and is not to be disturbed for any reason, up to and including earthquakes. Flowers for the temporarily departed may be left at the door, and gifts of chocolates in the capable and entirely trustworthy hands of the staff. ;) He should be up and around sometime this evening.

Since I do not trust him not to somehow throw off the sedative and try to escape, however, I am going to stay right here until I'm absolutely sure he's down for the count. Is there any possibility that someone might run down some breakfast for me? And coffee? I would be extremely grateful.

So here's the thing, folks...

Teaching all these classes, plus all of the work I'm trying to cram in apart from that, means that I don't really have time this term to keep up with the Askani group. You've all managed to get a basic grounding in the language and culture at this point, though, which was the intention. I'll be around to answer any questions, of course, but I think we've done what can be done in a formalized structure anyway.

To my Hindi class...

Don't bother bringing your books this afternoon, or Wednesday afternoon. We're going to be watching Sholay, one of the more famous of the Bollywood movies. It's about an ex-cop, Thakur Baldev Singh, who hires two ex-cons to save a town from the evil Gabbar Singh and his band of henchmen. Basically, an Indian spaghetti western. Should be fun. :) And yes, this version is subtitled... you've been studying the language for all of six weeks now, and I'm not that cruel.