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After the kidnappings, I had contacted Pietro to warn him about the situation. He has just called me back again to let me know that Attilan has increased their security tenfold, especially after I had updated them about Rachel's kidnapping.

This also includes securing members of the royal family which, as was prudent, Pietro didn't go into details but I do not doubt they've gone to great lengths to protect all of them.

Those that have moved to the island (Dani and the others) have been accounted for and, if something were to happen, they will immediately contact the mansion.
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Someone will need to cover the bus run - Amanda's been handed a fairly detailed research project where she won't be reachable. More dirt than internet access types of places. If anyone needs to toss her a message, just send it to myself or anyone from Snow Valley and we'll pass it along.

As for the rest of us merry men, we're currently up to our necks in something over here. Not sure how long this is going to take but hopefully we'll be able to wrap it up and go home soon.


Mar. 4th, 2006 08:55 pm
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All students into the shelters, now.

All X-Men - incident at the boat house involving Wanda, I need people out there now. Listen for orders, I'm coordinating from the Situation Room. Charles will brief you telepathically.
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Seeing as Dr. McCoy and the Professor were kind enough to set up a journal on this system of theirs.

My name is Wanda Maximoff and while I am not exactly sure how long I will be staying here, I know it's going to be for more than a few days. At the very least. I'm sure word has gotten out that there was yet another visitor to the mansion's MedLab and, unfortunatly, that is rather true. I was aiming to arrive at the mansion sometime soon but this was not my intended arrival.

I'm going to be rather upfront, to avoid any unnecessary trouble down the road. Or, more likely, to fix any bridges that might need it once I'm done. Thankfully, I've never liked beating around the bush.

Maximoff is my mother's maiden name. My father's name, which I do not use, is Lensherr. And yes, it is Eric Lensherr.

Let me make a few things abundtly clear.

I am not my father. I have never met him. In fact, I have never even communicated with the man outside of one letter and two phone calls, to be precise. If my presence here makes people uncomfortable, then I am sorry for that. But after being attacked and kidnapped, I will be around for a while, to play it safe.

I am an open woman so feel free to ask me any questions that you might have.


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