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She's being wheeled into surgery now. Apparently a compatible kidney donor has been found, and the outlook is, from what I'm told, "as normal as can be expected for this type of surgery". I have no idea what that means.

I will do my best to keep everyone apprised of her condition.
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Those of you with scheduled training in the Danger Room, be it for X-Men training or general powers evaluation, well - to quote the vernacular, You Can Not Has.

Yes, it seems that one Scott No-Middle-Name Summers has broken the Danger Room. Sure, other people may have been involved, but I think putting the blame on Scott is much more schaedenfreudian.

It will take some time to repair, and until otherwise noted, powers training will have to be conducted elsewhere.
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In honor of the day, I propose an outing to Harry's for all of us who have been presumed deceased at some juncture only to later show up hale and hearty despite the best efforts of fate and the natural order of the universe.

Drinks for everyone who's come back from the dead. Including a Shirley Temple or two for Jennie.
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The George Washington Bridge was destroyed an hour ago. They don't know how many people were still on it trying to evacuate.

Jennie was on the bridge. She tried to buy people time to escape. But she didn't make it off.
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To all who've been helping with the new jet - many, many thanks. All that needs finishing now are the interior accoutrements (team members, feel free to make comments on the jump seats, as it's your asses that are going to be in them) and loading the avionics and ancillary program libraries. Which should take a few days, but if my calculations are correct - which they are - the new craft should be flightworthy in about a week.

To that end, it does need naming. Suggestions are welcome.
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As most of you are aware, a week or so ago, the Blackbird met with an unfortunate accident. Specifically, a sudden case of gravity-induced rapid deceleration. In layman's terms, the plane crashed. Not to mince words, it's trashed beyond repair.


It can be rebuilt. There's enough salvageable material to get the project started, and more is on order. We can build ourselves a new jet from the ground up.

And that's where you come in. The general "you", in fact. With permission from Scott and the Professor, I'm making this an open project. If you would like to help rebuild the jet, your help will be more than welcome.

For those of you who have never done anything like this before, you don't have to have an aeronautics degree or metalworking experience or be a super-genius. A project like this requires countless facets of different work, and the more hands we have working, the better this can be.

On a serious note: you're all aware of what the team does, and why the ability to get from place to place rapidly and efficiently is important. Whether or not you have any desire to contribute with your abilities to the team directly, you should know that any help you can provide here will enable the team to keep doing what they do.

You might not be suiting up and going into dangerous situations, but any help that you can provide here will be a valued contribution.

Anyone who's interested, see myself or Mr. Summers for details. I will actually be away from the Institute from tomorrow morning through the weekend, but once I return, I will be taking a hands-on part in the reconstruction.

Thank you in advance.



May. 31st, 2008 12:29 pm
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{copied through SMS text system}

Security lockdown in effect. Upon receiving this message, use the secure check-in function on your phones and stay inside the mansion. Standard protocol, no one is left alone. This is not a drill, we have people missing and procedures are underway to locate and recover them.

Again, this is not a drill. If anyone has seen anything strange, check in with me or another staff member.
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...but if anyone can figure out where Miss Braddock has gotten herself to, we need to make sure she gets checked out by the doctors. Everyone seems to be coming back to normal, she's just gotten herself a little bit missing.

If anyone happens to come across her and she's acting weirder than usual, call a staff member immediately with your phone or the intercom. We will have someone come take care of her.
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As of four this afternoon, the basement medical complex - both the infirmary and the medlab - are locked down and off-limits to anyone who is not essential medical personnel. There was a powers-related situation with Kevin Ford and Jono Starsmore, and we're still attempting to ascertain the extent of what happened. Those of you who saw what happened, Dr. Voght will likely have some questions for you.

If the situation changes, this notice will be updated. But for the moment, if you have any medical needs, convey them through a staff member and one of the medical staff will come to you.
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All right, those of you who don't have plans for tomorrow around noon - and those who do have plans but can easily change them!

It seems that the esteemed headmaster of our fine institution has accepted a challenge from yours truly, for an old-fashioned, traditional competitive test of automotive velocity. Said competitive test will be held tomorrow, out at the Roosevelt Airport, northwest of town. There may be snacks, there may be cheering, there may be a very humble headmaster having to admit four wheels are faster than two.

Yes, in the tradition of Red vs. Blue, Baby vs. Rhino, and Abraham Lincoln vs. Godzilla - there will be a race between yours truly, JH Forge, in the recently-titled and remodeled sport automobile (yet to be officially named, possibly after tomorrow's unveiling); and our aforementioned esteemed headmaster, Mr. Scott Summers and his two-wheeled speed machine.

Summers v. Forge! Car v. Motorcycle! Old and busted v. New hotness!

Tuesday! Tuesday! Tuesday!

(A cheering section would not go amiss, in other words. Come, enjoy the show, see Mr. Summers eat exhaust.)
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This off the evening news - apparently there was some kind of minor riot at Salem Center High, some minor scrapes and bruises but one kid's in the hospital in critical condition. Apparently a fight broke out and then everyone seemed to get in on it. One arrest's been made, they can't give the student's ID of course.

You know, this would all be pretty standard news, except the local message boards are going off about the kid being a mutant. Great. So it's come to our doorstep now.
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We're going to need people in general to keep clear of the infirmary unless you actually have need of medical attention; things are a little busy down there right now, and I'm not sure how long that's going to be the case.

To let you all know what's going on, Forge, Jay, and Kyle were dropped back off here at the mansion a short time ago. They weren't able to tell us much, but they've clearly been attacked - not physically assaulted, but attacked with what had to be someone's mutant power. It's led to some physical alterations that are going to require medical attention and lots of it, until we figure out what precisely happened and what to do about it.

We'll keep you updated as we can. Ororo and I will be available in the morning if anyone needs to talk to us personally about this.
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But I, of course, am no gentleman.

What I am, however, is the new undisputed bowling champion of the world! Or at least of Salem Center Lanes from 5 to 7 pm last night. It helps that everyone else was either really bad, or bowling with bumpers. Or, like I suspect, intentionally throwing gutter balls so their little sister wouldn't feel bad.

I do regret not having a camera to take a photograph of one purple-haired girl trying to pounce on a 12 pound bowling ball as it headed down the lane.

Did discover that I can bowl just as well with my left arm as with my right. Which boggles me, because even before the accident, I wasn't left-handed.
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Well, it looks like my parents made plans to go to my aunt's in Lubbock for Thanksgiving. And given that I just went to see them (and really don't like my cousins, absolute troglodytes, really) - looks like I'm joining the ranks of those chowing down on Thanksgiving dinner here.

Who else is staying in for the holidays?
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Or any other body part you can reach! Whatever is accessible! No biggie!

I have just had to retrieve my own LEG from the south flowerbed. It is covered in potting soil and grass and wolf slobber. I will be in the lab cleaning and fixing it. Interrupt at your own peril.


Oct. 16th, 2005 09:11 pm
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We're home. Lorna and Forge are in the medlab. Physically, they're mostly unhurt but they'll be isolated until further notice.

Stay out of the medlab. If there's some kind of an emergency, page the doctors and someone will come to you. Security measures are still in place until I say otherwise.
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The team left this morning to go retrieve Lorna and Forge. If all goes well, they should be back within several hours with our missing people. And judging by the files I'm catching up on here in the database - this was so not the weekend to get sick - if all doesn't go well, it won't be for lack of trying and meticulous planning.

Those of us who are still here are monitoring the mansion's own security situation very closely. We do not - I repeat, do not have any reason to believe that all of the happy little green lights on the metaphorical board will not stay green for the rest of the day. But we'd appreciate it if you students kept any need for attention to a minimum. Stay on the grounds, find something to do, and try and relax.

This may all very well be over by tonight. I think we can all hope for that.
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Sometime on Monday, Forge was kidnapped from the Salem Center Mall by Lorna Dane. We have the evidence of a security tape and Kyle's feral senses to suggest that he did not go willingly. The Jeep was abandoned at the scene, and a call from the police to pick it up is why we knew where to look for him.

We do not know why this happened. We do not know what's going on with Lorna, why she would do this. Unfortunately, this increases the likelihood that she was indeed involved in the violent incident that inspired my first keep-your-distance warning. The evidence was inconclusive on that occasion. It is not, this time.

I'm instituting additional security precautions for every student in this school right now. You do not leave mansion grounds without checking out with Lee. You give him an itinerary and an estimated time of return for every trip. You carry your cell phone with the panic button wherever you go, and if there's even a hint of trouble, you push it. Yes, I know this clearly didn't help Forge, but we don't know whether he waited that second too long or not. I would much rather respond to a false alarm than have anyone else kidnapped off the street.

No one is permitted off mansion grounds by themselves. There are no exceptions. I would prefer you to travel in groups of at least three at all times, including at least one staff member or older student.

Essential trips only, for now. School, work, off-campus medical appointments. That sort of thing. Since you'll be telling Lee your itinerary, trust me, he will tell you whether or not it's essential travel.

I know how close many of you are to Lorna, but we cannot afford a strike three here. If you see her, run away. Immediately. Press the panic button as you're running, but do not look back. Don't attempt to talk to her, don't attempt to reason with her. Run.
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Hey, can someone who knows their way around the techie geek labs do me a favor and make sure Forge showers or something? He hasn't been in his bed for an entire night, and his stuff's all messed up like he had to go somewhere fast.

If he's fallen asleep at his work bench, I get to wake him up with a wedgie, though.


Sep. 23rd, 2005 09:38 pm
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Paige is staying with some friends on the college campus to study this weekend. She has asked me to let folks know she'll check her email. She's already got a ride back after classes Monday, and says she'll be meeting with the folks she's got appointments with.

I, for one, am going to go sleep the sleep of the brilliant.


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