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It is with pleasure that I announce the return to Salem Center of Dr. Leo Samson. For those who have not met him previously, Dr. Samson is a child psychiatrist and social worker who operates from the Salem Center Counselling Services offices. He has spent the past several years working in India and Pakistan, aiding survivors of the Srinagar bombing of 2008, and he has provided assistance to residents of the school on many occasions.

Dr. Samson has indicated to me that his return to the area also indicates a return to his working partnership with the school, and he will be available to provide assistance to those who need it. Referrals can be obtained through myself, Mr. Haller, or the medical team. And remember, we are all available to listen to whatever problems you might have.

Thank you.

Charles Xavier

A follow up

Apr. 6th, 2009 10:10 pm
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on the message Clarice left earlier. Dr. Samson is, indeed, down here in the medlab and is doing fine now. We are probably going to keep him for observation for the night, so if you would like to visit, keep it short and quiet and it ought to be fine, otherwise he'll be back up and about soon and you can see him then.
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Just in case anyone's seen the news - there was a bombing at Samson's clinic. He's down in the medlab, but he'll be fine. A bunch of us responded before the EMTs got there, but the locals are handling things. I don't know a whole lot of details yet, we gotta let the pro's do their jobs and stuff.

Tamika, Leo's assistant, is one of the ones injured and I know people know her, so maybe we want to send some flowers or something? If anyone wants to do something, I'll be in the medlab.
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Dr. Samson has very kindly agreed to clear his schedule, and will be staying here indefinitely, on my personal retainer, so that he can be available at any time to any of the students who wish to speak with him. As before, I urge all of you to consider taking advantage of this opportunity, as it is a great favor he is doing us. He will be arriving tomorrow morning, and those interested may either wait until then, or come speak with me this afternoon and evening to set up appointments.

This has been a difficult time for us all, but I have faith that we have the strength to heal. If there is anything more I can do to help that process, you have only to ask.
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This Saturday and Sunday, and perhaps again on Monday, depending on interest, I have engaged someone to visit the school and speak with those of you who remain in distress regarding recent events. His name is Dr. Leonard Samson, and he is a colleague and personal friend of several years' standing, a psychiatric specialist in childhood and young adult trauma at the top of his field. I encourage all of you to consider meeting with him, and will be approaching private those of you who would, I think, particularly benefit from his insight, but the choice is yours.

In the interest of privacy, those who wish to meet with Dr. Samson should please come and speak with me to schedule an appointment; also, if after the weekend any of you decide you would like to meet with him on a continuing basis, he has agreed to take you on, and arrangements will be made through the school for his retainer.

Dr. Samson is a gifted therapist and one of the finest men it has been my pleasure to know, and I hope you will take advantage of this unique opportunity; if, however, you decide you would rather not unburden yourself to a stranger, I urge you to speak with either myself or Dr. MacTaggart. The well-being of the students at this school is our most important concern, especially after a year such as we have had.


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