On recent departures

Hello, everyone.

Due to a number of circumstances, we have seen several departures from the school. In order to ensure full communication, I have decided to announce the details of those departures for you all.

As he announced, Nathan Dayspring has moved to New York proper, in order to run the new Elpis headquarters that has been set up there. The boathouse, at this time, is vacant. He will be available for consultation on matters within Elpis' ambit, so he will be seen around the Institute on occasion.

Jean-Paul Beaubier, Jeanne-Marie Beaubier and Shiro Yoshida have gone to Muir Island for powers training and personal assistance. Danielle Moonstar has also sought help with her powers, on Attilan, where she hopes to complete her college education.

Noriko Kikuchi has returned home to Japan, to reconnect with her parents and to complete her final year of high school. Johnny Gallo has returned home to assist in his father's recovery, and Victor Borkowski has gone home to help care for his ill mother. Sarah Vale has also returned home to her family.

Scott Summers and Dr. Jean Grey are currently on vacation, however they will not be returning to the school. In order to expand the West Coast Annex to more than a training facility, I have asked them to relocate there. With the aftermath of Day Zero and the San Diego earthquake, it is less and less safe for mutants in this country, and it is apparent that the current team is under considerable strain. To this end, I am establishing a second team at the Annex, to be created by Scott and Jean.

In order to cover those classes previously taught by those who have left, a number of the existing teachers have stepped up to take those on. I hope the students will cooperate with them and make this transition run smoothly.

I thank you for your patience during this difficult time and I wish the best to all those who have moved on. If you have any questions, my door is, of course, always open.

Charles Xavier

Just to let everyone know.

Shiro Yoshida has developed some mutation-related difficulties and will be quarantined in the infirmary for the time being. Dr. Voght expects him to make a full recovery, but the nature of his mutation makes it important to take some basic precautions until he's fully stabilized.

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Wow, Shiro. That's, uh, that's one hell of a birthday announcement. With a little more glitter and the right light, they could probably tell it's your birthday from the Mars rover.

I think the use of that much sparkle violates a Strategic Disarmament Treaty of some sort.

Medlab Update

For those that have been eagerly awaiting this particular tidbit of much-anticipated and most-welcome news...

Shiro is now awake. Visitation policy is currently at a limited engagement only-- he's still rather worn out, and as such, we don't want to run him too raggedly, of course. Those wishing to visit should contact either myself or the other medlab staff, as we'll be working with a prioritized list, and letting in visitors as he is fit to see them. Please note that this is not first-come-first serve, per se.

I will now be heading upstairs for a sandwich. I will be happy to entertain the early-bird visitation requests for those who are quick to the mark-- AFTER I have completed the first sandwich's consumption and chased it with a tall glass. Prior to that, I'll be shuffling premature and untimely expressions of visitation desires to the end of the list.


Morning all.

Just to let you know, Scott, Nathan and Haroun are all out of medlab and causing trouble. Haroun's back is still tender - if you see him lifting anything heavy, yell at him for me. Same goes for Nathan and his telekinesis.

Shiro is still asleep, but otherwise he's stable. We'll let you know when he's awake for visitors.

Paul will be with us for a day or two. He's fine, it's just a precuation.

Medlab is also decontaminated now, but we'd prefer it if you didn't all charge down here en masse - we're still busy with the clean up, and you'll just get underfoot.


Shiro Yoshida experienced a catastrophic release of his powers this afternoon, in the air over a small, unpopulated island in the North Atlantic.  He is currently in the medlab, unconscious, and while his prognosis is hopeful the doctors are not yet prepared to estimate when he might awaken.  Visiting will be restricted until we can be sure that there is no danger from lingering radiation.

Jean-Paul Beaubier and Haroun al-Rashid were also injured during the retrieval, and will be recovering in the medlab until further notice; Dr. McCoy or Dr. Bartlet will notify us when they are cleared for visitors.  Scott Summers and Nathan Dayspring will be in the medlab overnight for observation, but are not expected to require continuing care.

I would like to ask all of the students, once again, to please speak with a staff member if you believe you are having trouble with your powers, or with anything else; we are all here to help you, and we will stop at very little in order to do so, but without your help in turn there is a limit to what we can do.

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A new student, Shiro Yoshida, will be joining us from Japan tomorrow afternoon; this is his first visit to the United States, so please make him feel welcome. Shiro will be rooming with Alex and Angelo.

Also, I believe it is well past time that the miscellaneous-powers study group be given full course status; I'm very much looking forward to hearing your ideas and sharing a few of my own, so I will see you all at 3:15 tomorrow. And, Marie-Ange, while I appreciate the sentiment, I think "Miscellaneous Powers" is a more appropriate formal course title.