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Seeing as it is already the subject of public discussion.

Yes, Mr. Jones has woken up from his coma. He is remaining in the medlab for observation for the time being. He is allowed visitors, if he decides he is willing to see them, and if one of the doctors approve the visit. Feel free to refer questions to me or one of the other doctors.
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For your general information...

The young man found at the gates this morning is in a serious but stable condition. We don't know who he is, but enquiries are being made through various channels. Hopefully more successfully than mine.

Owing to the 'serious' part of his condition, I'd reiterate Hank's request that non-emergency visits to the medlab be kept to a minimum, and for help with child-minding and food. We're doing everything we can, and will let you know the state of play as things change.
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We have a badly injured but stable civilian casualty in the medlab. He'll make it, but he's going to be with us for a while, I suspect. For now, if you don't really need the medlab, I'll ask you all to steer clear. Things are still busy down here, and we're not sure if he'll be waking up any time soon, or what state he'll be in when he does. More information if and when it becomes available.

If anyone wants to volunteer to babysit Billy, I'd appreciate it.


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