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With the CNN crew coming in this weekend, I want everything done and in place by Friday night. Looks like I've got Rasputin, Madrox, and Gavin volunteering so far, I'm going to need at least two more of you if we don't want the mansion looking like This Old House when the cameras are rolling.

Thursday morning, we're going to haul the storm windows out of storage and install them, and replace the storm gutters. Wednesday night, Mister-or-Miss Gavin, you and I are heading into Salem Center to pick up the materials. Before you ask, you're the only volunteer who has a driver's license and isn't grounded, so that makes you the lead in Driving Mister Marko tomorrow.

Any more volunteers can see me after dinner.
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This Saturday, at 8:00 AM, we will be opening our doors to Trish Tilby, whom many of you have seen on CNN, and a small camera crew. Ms. Tilby will be compiling a video documentary about the school and its mission, in order to counteract, at least in part, the negative press mutants have received in the recent past. I ask all of you to be on your best behavior while our guests are here, and to help clean and order the campus this week so that we may present our best face to the public. The crew will be arriving early in order to set up and prepare, and shooting will likely take all day.

If any of you should wish to appear in the documentary, I have release forms for you to sign, and I will be contacting your parents, where appropriate, for their permission as well. Ms. Tilby has requested that a few students and staff volunteer for short interviews; I am promised that they will be friendly and nonconfrontational, that Ms. Tilby's intent is to present a portrait of our school, not to go digging through its bowels. Interviews require a more elaborate release form, and it would be a courtesy if I could have those back to her by Thursday, or Friday at the very latest.

The documentary is scheduled to air on CNN sometime in the latter half of next week, and I encourage you all to watch it, even if you do not choose to participate.

Thank you.


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