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Of all of the announcements I have had to make, this is one of the happier ones.

Dr. Voght is alive. She was not killed in the attack on the mansion as previously believed but was instead merely dispersed due to the unique aspect of her ability. The Professor and I have managed to pull her together and bring her back from the Astral Plane this morning.

She is resting in the her room for the time being. Please give her a few days before going to visit.
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I wanted to let everyone know Dr. Grey-Summers is awake. She's all right now, and there's no long-term damage, but she's understandably tired. Please give her some time to recover before rushing in to see her; Mr. Summers is still around, so if there's any question I'm sure he'll let you know if she's up for visitors.
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Attention, everyone.

I have some serious news to impart to you all. On Friday, the mansion was attacked by four men under the direction of Parker Matthews. Some of you may recognise the name - Matthews was responsible for the 'Jane' incident several years ago. We had believed him to be in a coma; unfortunately, it appears that his powers had evolved and he was using Dr. Jean Grey-Summers like some kind of psionic parasite, to boost his psionic influence.

During the attack, those in the mansion were sedated and locked in the Danger Room and then pushed into a series of nightmares. A bomb was also planted in Cerebro. Demands were made, but it appears the true motivation for the attack was revenge.

Our attackers were defeated by a number of current and former mansion residents who had been outside of the mansion at the time of the attack, as well as several others who managed to extricate themselves from the nightmare. Those who were forced into nightmares were awakened and Matthews and his men are safely neutralised. The bomb was defused by Sarah Vale, working with Dr. McCoy and Doug Ramsey. There was some damage to the mansion in the process.

There were also, unfortunately, casualties. During the nightmare, Sophie Stepford suffered severe psionic trauma and sadly, did not survive. Her sisters are currently being cared for. Dr. Amelia Voght is also believed to have been killed during the attack. Kyle Gibney is currently under observation following being implanted with a psionic suggestion and attacking some of the residents. He is not to be considered dangerous, however, and is expected to recover fully.

Finally, Dr. Grey-Summers is currently in a coma following her defeat of Matthews. Her condition is stable, but I cannot say at this time when she will awaken.

I would like to stress that everyone, barring those I have mentioned, is safe and well. Arrangements have been made for most of those involved to go to Hampton Beach while the mansion is repaired and the security is revisited.

This is a very difficult time for all of us and we will all need to be there for each other. I appreciate your co-operation and assistance.

Charles Xavier.


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