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But, needed to update you about classes. Madelyn and Hank are still occupied in the medlab; I see Madelyn's made arrangements for her students already, I'm assuming Hank will do the same shortly. Nathan and Haroun are still occupying the medlab, hence their classes are cancelled again. I think their students can safely assume there will be no classes for them until next week.

Everything else can be considered back to normal, although I'd still discourage people from unnecessary wanders through medlab.
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Those of you who had classes cancelled yesterday can enjoy a second afternoon off, as the teachers involved are either a. very busy in the medlab, b. unconscious in the medlab, or c. deserve a day off themselves. In fact, if you see any of those who fall into that third category out and around in the halls doing anything that looks like work, either a. rat on them to me, or b. follow them around giving them stern looks until they remember they're supposed to be taking the day off.

All right, so I didn't get much in the way of sleep last night myself... bear with me.

I'll have to let you all know when the above-mentioned classes will resume. It may be a while yet for some of them. Possibly even next week.

I'll also ask you all to avoid medlab, except in case of emergency. We have a large number of guests at the moment. Some of them will be leaving this afternoon - don't be alarmed when the helicopter lands on the lawn, by the way - but others will be staying for a while longer. Most of them are in medlab right now, which is why the doctors have their hands rather full. The guests who will be staying are mostly between the ages of ten and fourteen, so once they're up and around I hope you students will help make them feel welcome.

I just wanted to second Maddie's thanks to the medlab helpers, and also to those who brought down food to the medlab yesterday. Our dedicated medical staff sometimes doesn't stop to remember little things like food, after all...
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The medlab helpers - Clarice, Rahne and Amanda, with help from Forge - did an amazing job prepping the lab today for the situation Hank and I were called away to deal with, and with helping out once we did get back. You all did a great job, and we're all hugely proud of you. Your actions saved lives today.
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... because I don't have the class schedule right to hand. Anyone who has Nathan, Alison, Haroun, Kylun, Kurt, Hank, or Madelyn for classes today, enjoy your day off.


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