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Dear students and staff,

As many of you know, this school has been more than a place of
education over the years. In the time since I first opened its doors,
I have seen students both young and old come and learn how not only to
master their special gifts and abilities, but also to gain an
appreciation of life. It is in the course of this vision that there
will be a memorial service this Saturday for Michael Foley and Timothy
Morgan, two fine men who I had the privilege of calling guests, and
many of you had the joy of calling friend.

If you would like to attend, I encourage you to come and show your
respects, and celebrate the lives of these two brave men, as we seek
to further understand and appreciate the way they touched all our
lives through their actions, and through their friendship.

The service shall begin at 11 am, on the North Lawn. If you would like
further details, I shall be available throughout the weekend.
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As of tomorrow, Nathan will be allowed unrestricted visitation. Visits must be kept short, as he's still sleeping a great deal, but those who wish to see him can stop by without sneaking past the supervising doctors. Gifts are permitted, although he's not really eating as yet. He's currently immobilized - his spine was injured, for those who don't know - and there's a lot of medical equipment and things that go 'beep' in there with him. So no jostling, and keep touching to an absolute minimum. (Catseye, that means no getting on the bed just yet... you'll be able to a bit later, but not yet)

However, there is to be *no* arguing with him, riling him, or agitating him in any way. He must not be upset. Anyone who really can't help arguing with him is welcome to go outside and do it with an imaginary Nathan who isn't suffering from serious injuries.

Anyone failing to follow these guidelines will be risking Dismemberment by Angry Scotswoman. I'm just saying. *g*


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