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With assistance, we were able to break Nathan's conditioning last night; he is free, and himself, and they will not be able to recapture him in that way again.  I have released him largely into the care of the regular medical staff, and I believe he is strong enough to entertain at least short visits.

Please bear in mind, those of you who wish to do so, that the past week has put nearly incalculable strain on Nathan's psyche; he will likely remain in something of a fragile state for some time while his mind continues to heal.  I am, and will continue to be, shielding him as best I am able, but I ask you all to restrain yourselves in his presence if you can manage it.  Imagine that Nathan is in a position analogous to that of an Olympic sprinter recovering from two broken legs, and of a courtesy please refrain from stepping on his toes.

You do not, however, need to feel obligated to practice that restraint anywhere in the mansion except Nathan's room.  The past few weeks have been unusually stressful for all of us, and now that we seem to have weathered the storm a celebration would not go amiss.

Ah . . . but if I may be allowed a slight correction; please also restrain yourselves in the corridor outside my rooms, if you would, and the immediate air-space of my windows.  We all celebrate in our own ways, and I owe myself a great deal of sleep, which I believe I will collect shortly.
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All students will please treat the medlab area as strictly off-limits until further notice.

In order to avert, or at least contain, the spread of rumor: yes, Nathan did make an attempt on my life at the showing this afternoon.  He was subdued at the scene and is now unconscious, but we must assume that he remains a victim of his conditioning, and as such is still very dangerous.  Now that I have the opportunity to examine, and possibly reverse, what has been done to him, there is hope that he will not remain so.  Until that happy occasion, however, you are to keep well away.

The restriction does not extend to staff.  Moira, if you would like to visit him--while he remains unconscious, at any rate--that can certainly be arranged.  The rest of you, please take charge of the students.
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I realize that this past week has been hard on all of us, and it occurred to me that some of you might enjoy a day away from the school.  An artist acquaintance of mine is opening his first large outdoor show this afternoon, and has asked me to introduce him; those of you who wish to attend will be more than welcome, and I think you might enjoy the artwork; I certainly do.

Please let me know if you wish to attend.
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I am afraid I have grave news to report.

Earlier today, Nathan was recaptured by his former employers, a rogue covert agency currently being hunted by the U.S. government.

Unfortunately, the recruitment tactics of that agency include comprehensive brainwashing and mind control techniques.  I am afraid we must assume that Nathan has been subjected to that control.

Therefore, I am forced to consider him a threat to the school until such time as he can be freed.

Students, if you see him, do not approach him.  Whatever he may say or do, no matter how normal he appears, he is to be considered an extreme danger until further notice.  Find a staff member as soon as possible, or if necessary call for help mentally.  I will be listening.

Staff: Given Nathan's training and abilities, you too are instructed to call for backup should you spot him.  Do not attempt to engage him alone, in conversation or by any other means.

You may all rest assured that we are doing everything within our power to locate Nathan, free his mind from the shackles in which it has been placed, and bring him home to us.  When that happens, I will notify you all immediately.  Until then, I cannot emphasize strongly enough the need to be careful.

Shinobi Shaw and Dr. MacTaggart will be in the medlab overnight for observation; those of you who wish to visit them should see the medical staff about permission.

This will be a traumatic time for many of us, I am sure; if any of you, staff, student, or guest, need to talk to someone, my door will always be open.

We will bring Nathan home.  I promise you that.


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