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Feb. 27th, 2004 02:30 pm
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I've been debriefed (which basically means sitting down with the Prof an Summers an answering a load of questions) an the Prof says its best if I tell you what happened yesterday. Since I'm "our resident expert on things occult". *rolls eyes* Just another way too give me homework, is the way I see it.

So. Yesterday. Short version, since I'm not up for typing overmuch since me headache decided too bring all its friends along an have a housewarming party.

Neither Warren or me was going mental - the place was being cased by a demon lord on the lookout for a sacrifice. Seems Yana fit the bill. He opened a portal, snatched her, and 'ported back. Only he didn't count on two things - LeBeau jumping in after him an the protection spell I put on the place last month.

The portal, an the power coming from whichever demon dimension Big An Ugly was from, were enough t' give me the power t' grab a rescue team an 'port them after. There was a fight, we got the kid back, but she got grabbed at the last minute an the portal closed an we thought we lost her. Then another portal opens, an out drops Yana, only she's not quite the same Yana any more.

You've got too understand, time's different between dimensions. So what was five minutes for us on this side was eight an a half years for Yana. Which explains why she's suddenly fifteen an a half. She's okay, a bit banged up, but nothing to serious. You want to know more, ask Rasputin, since he's been with her almost constant since we got back.

Everyone else is more or less okay, too. Remy's the worst - he was in that place on his own for a good while before we got there, an they did a bit of a number on him. Docs are working on him. Shiro picked up a nasty dose of demon poison, but that's been taken care of. Sarah got stabbed, but she's got that nifty healing factor an is up an about already. Lee has a nasty gash too her face. Jake's got a couple of cuts, nothing too worry about. Shinobi's suit is for the next world. We're all pretty much gunna be a bit stiff an sore for the next couple of days (except LeBeau, obviously).

You want the long version, give me a couple of days to stop seeing spots and having random nosebleeds.
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Allow me to begin by assuring all and sundry that everyone has been accounted for and there are no life-threatening injuries as a result of the evening's events. I would like to applaud staff and students on the excellent job done evacuating the house. It is very reassuring to see how orderly and efficient you all can be in a crisis.

That said; yes, there was a breach of security this evening. There was an attempt made to kidnap Illyana Rasputin by an unknown faction that was repelled by staff and students in the vicinity of the incident. In the process, there was an outbreak of fire that was quickly contained. Yes, some of those involved have been injured and the medical staff are at work caring for them. Everyone is expected to recover in good time. Please, as always, wait for an official announcement of permission to visit those in medlab.

The house and grounds have been resecured and the danger is past. I would like you all to try and get some sleep if you can. Staff will be active on the student floor and available to you tonight, including myself and Mr. Summers. Classes will continue as normal tomorrow for all those not directly involved in this evening's incident unless otherwise indicated in this journal.
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Another shout out for volunteer's.

Dr. Bartlet and Dr. McCoy have just started working on Remy, trying to stablize him and I'm holding down the fort in the MedLab until they're free. Sarah was kind enough to start the coffee pot brewing, so any help I can get will be given coffee (not mine) and just...

Damn it, be careful, there's enough blood on the floor to make things slippery.
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The grounds are clear. Gardens, labyrinth, woods, lake, all of it. Clear.
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I'm not sure what exactly happened but the MedLab is pretty damned full right now.

I know there are quite a few of you who know enough about medicine and first aid to be incredibly useful to Dr. Bartlet, Dr. McCoy and myself. Any help right now would be greatly appreciated.
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Well, the headcount seems to be matching up out here. Cain, we took over your lower floor, I'm sorry. It just seemed like the best place to go. Nathan's with me, he caught up with the first of the kids out the door and he's keeping them in giggles with his 'magic' tricks. Distraction helps no end. (I think we'll keep him.)


Feb. 26th, 2004 06:31 pm
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(simultaneously emailed, broadcast on intercom, and send via inter-mansion IM system)


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