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If I had my way I'd be back in my bolt-hole an not putting me head into whats certain to be no end of a lions den. But I fucked up an I'm told that its best to face up to my fuck-ups an not hide from 'em.

Character building, or some such guff.

Too clear up what happened on Monday:

I made a love potion.

I gave it to Doug.

In between me giving the potion to Doug on Sunday, and Monday, somehow it got used an some people were affected. I don't know how - last I saw it was when I gave it to Doug.

I was one of the people affected. I know a couple of the others who were to, but not everyone; I've gotten a rough idea from the journals.

Doug realised what happened an got Manny too calm me down enough to cast the counterspell.

The potion is nulled. There's no way in hell it can affect anyone again, no matter where it is now - the counterspell was powerful enough to cover half the district. To tell the truth I pushed it a bit more than it needed. There's no need to worry about eating or drinking or using the bog or anything else in this place.

Those of you who were wondering what my punishment is, you'll be glad to here that I'm being sent back home next month for magical boot camp. There's no guarantee I'll come back - that depends on how I do.

Every single magical item, spellbook and ingredient I own is now in a box locked in the filing cabinet in Pete's office, or will be by the time you read this. I have some spells in me head, but as sticking a knitting needle in me ear is a bit drastic, or so Pete tells me, you'll have to trust me to not use those. If it helps, they're small things, like my werelight an the fire spell. I'd give me word not to use them, but I'm guessing that's worth exactly nothing around here rite now. That's not part of me punishment, that's me own doing. I can't never use magic again - it's me power, and it would be like any of you not using yours, ever - but I figure I shouldn't use it until I can do that properly.


I'd say I'm sorry, but they're just words, ain't they? I can say them again an again until they loose there meaning an it won't mean nothing. I feel sorry, more than I ever have, but again, that's probably not worth much to the people I hurt. But if it is worth something, then I'm sorry. An if there's anything I can do to fix things, then tell me. Abuse me, yell at me, fuck, hit me if it makes you feel better - anything at all I can do that will fix things, I'll do.

Some things can't be fixed - I'm hoping this ain't one of them.


Edit: I forgot to say, the effects of the potion were temporary. Wouldn't have last more than another hour. Permanently changing someone's feelings ain't possibly for me.

Of course, that doesn't cover anything done during the effect, but I didn't think of that at the time. Didn't think of anything much, to tell the truth. Its a piss weak excuse, but its the only one I have - I didn't think.
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For everyone's benefit

Here's what we know for certain, at the moment: A few days ago, Amanda made a love potion, and gave it to Doug. She is being punished for this, because it was bloody stupid of her to have made the damn thing. It appears to have been used on several of the students and faculty, causing them to fall temporarily in love with Mr Ramsey. Amanda has since reversed the potion's effect.

Mr Summers has gone to find Doug. It seems uncharacteristic of Mr Ramsey to use such a thing to say the least, so we're waiting until he gets back to see if he can shed light on the matter of who might have known where it was, or used it.

If anyone feels they have been affected by the potion, and wishes to talk about it, myself and Jake are available, and I'm sure that Doctor Samson will be able to make time for anyone that feels the need to talk to him about this.


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