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If at all possible, barring medical emergancy or preestablished volunteer duties, please avoid the Medlab until a formal announcement has been made that treatment of Masque's victims is complete. By virtue of who and what we are, many of us have been unable to avoid unwanted attention at some point in our lives. These people have already been through a devastating experience. Please show them the same courtesy you would expect when undergoing an emotionally-exhausting medical procedure and respect their right to privacy -- and dignity.

Thank you.
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The team successfully brought back the person responsible for attacking Forge, Jay, Kyle, and Doug, if not without some difficulty. It looks like what he did can be undone, although since he's not being cooperative, we've enlisted some help from Marius. He's being assisted by Ms. Braddock, who chose a very good week to stop by the old place, it appears.

It's late and I know most of you won't see this until tomorrow morning, but we wanted to reassure you. It's over, the damage is being repaired, and this person isn't going to hurt anyone else.
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We're going to need people in general to keep clear of the infirmary unless you actually have need of medical attention; things are a little busy down there right now, and I'm not sure how long that's going to be the case.

To let you all know what's going on, Forge, Jay, and Kyle were dropped back off here at the mansion a short time ago. They weren't able to tell us much, but they've clearly been attacked - not physically assaulted, but attacked with what had to be someone's mutant power. It's led to some physical alterations that are going to require medical attention and lots of it, until we figure out what precisely happened and what to do about it.

We'll keep you updated as we can. Ororo and I will be available in the morning if anyone needs to talk to us personally about this.


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