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The nice thing about blood tests is that they finish themselves without continual supervision.

It seems that our odd power swapping is due to a highly specific viral outbreak, which looks to have been not just targeted at mutants but specifically manipulated to make use of the affecteds' mutations. Non-contagious at this point, obviously, and like any other virus it looks like it will run its course soon. Charles is doing his best to find whoever was behind this, too.
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We've had no more manifestations of misplaced mutations and seem to have found a closed loop consisting of the group who went in to the city to go to the museum this weekend, so Amelia, Moira and I have reason to believe there should be no further incidents. If any of you have other information let us know at once but in the meantime we at least have a starting point and will be working on the problem.

Also, please be extra careful with those whose powers have shifted. We have numerous safety precautions in place but several of the powers involved are very dangerous and they don't know how to control their new powers.

[OOC: Moved per plotrunner request, backdated to Tuesday afternoon]
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As Monet's post and subsequent comments imply, something decidedly odd is going on with a few of our residents' mutations. The medical and lab staff both here and at the Muir facility are researching the situation but in the meantime I need to ask that any of you having any sort of aberrant power manifestation report to the medlab at once and that, if you don't have immediate need of medical care, the rest of you please avoid the medical and lab areas to give us space to work.


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