This weekend's events.

The journal system isn't the best place for involved or complicated discussions, I know. But it's a good place to open a dialogue, and after this weekend, I think we need to do that.

Many of you were put in a great deal of danger, here on the bus run and on the trip to Las Vegas. I really can't find the words to tell you how profoundly we regret that, and how deeply relieved we are that you've all returned safely. You have yourselves to thank for that, largely; I seem to be making a habit of telling you all how magnificently you manage crisis and although I'm probably beginning to sound repetitive, it's just as true this time as the first time I said it. Even under circumstances like this, seeing how resourceful and determined and just plain brave our students are is a wonderful thing.

I can imagine that there are rumors circulating about why this happened. I'm going to try and put the truth of it as plainly as I can. You were targeted because of the X-Men - because of decisions we made, risks we took, in dealing with some very dangerous people. It goes without saying that we never imagined there would be consequences like this. In the end, though, that's not meant to be an excuse.

We've known for a long time that we could be putting the school at risk with what we do. That's why we've spent so much time trying to make the school as secure as possible, and teaching you all how to handle yourselves in case of trouble. What we do out in the world is important to us, but our students are our first responsibility.

But after something like this, our opinion of how well or poorly we've managed the risks involved doesn't matter. Yours does, because you share them. It's maybe time that we came right out and acknowledged that, to give you a say in it.

You know how bad it can get. There is no situation where we would not do all we can to protect you. But there are going to be times, like this past weekend, when that's not going to be enough, or where we're taken by surprise. Where you're going to find yourself having to put what you've learned into practice, again.

Knowing that, it's up to you: do you want to stay?

Please think carefully about that question. Our doors are open, to you and your families, to discuss this further. You are our reason for being; we're here to teach you, to give you a safe place to learn. We want you to see Xavier's as that place. But if you decide that you can't, we'll work with you to explore other options.

All of you are remarkable young people, strong and capable and able to make the right choice for you. Whatever that choice is, we'll do whatever is needed to support you in it. We owe you that, and we'll never give anything less.

More news

Angel, Laurie, Sooraya, Crystal, Ms. Moonstar and Mr. Espinosa are home. I know you're all worried, but they've had a rough time, so please check to see if they're okay with visitors before going to see them.

There's still no word on the group that went to Las Vegas, but we're still looking. Probably no one needs reminding, but please don't leave the mansion grounds until further notice. If anyone needs me tonight, email me -- I'll be in and out of my office, but I'll be checking pretty regularly.