Mar. 2nd, 2005 08:16 am
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You may have noticed for yourselves, but Hank's condition has gotten significantly worse, to the point where he's having trouble finding his way around. Moira and I are trying to keep him with us, but since I'm going to be tied up off-campus the next few days, I think Moira would appreciate help with keeping an eye on him.

I wouldn't say it will be easy, considering the state he's in, but I wouldn't be asking unless it was necessary.

We're working as hard as we can on finding a cure. No luck yet, but it's a matter of time.
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From the entire staff - good work on the evac, guys. It went as smooth as can be and you all did great.

Whoever put that coffee next to me while I wasn't looking? Thank you.


And now, a few more notes:

1. It's Cain's birthday. Go mug him or something.

2. Quizzes are postponed, FYI.

3. Rahne? I think Lorna might want to talk to you about something regarding food and supplies.

4. I forget what this point is. Will get back to it when I remember.

5. Speaking of the kitchen, Lorna will be going over it and then coordinating with Cain for the clean-up and renovations. Students aren't to go in there unless Cain asks for specific assistance, since we're not sure how stable or structurally sound the room is right now. Thank you. Edit: Ow. Or Lorna. Lorna can ask for specific assistance too.

6. OW. Fine. I'll go confess to my misdeeds now. ;p
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No classes.

Still have to deal with some cleaning up, but I'll try and post a longer update soon for you all if we've got more info soon. Until then everything's clear and fine and we're working getting evertyhing settled as soon as possible.

Ps. Sadly, no forwarding address was left with us to send the bill for damages. So no, we don't know who that was yet.
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If you've got anything critical to your everyday life busted or broken (Yes, Lorna, I already know about the kitchen, you can stop paging me every ten minutes with a new problem) like a busted door or your keys don't work anymore or someone shot up your sink, let me know. I'll be around assessing damage, and should have a crew delivering materials this afternoon. It looks like collateral damage was kept to a minimum (yes, Lorna, except for the kitchen) and everyone followed the evacuation procedures to a T.

Once Doctor MacTaggart finishes sticking cold instruments places I'm sure they weren't meant to go, I shouldn't be hard to find.


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