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Moira was supposed to do this, but she's asleep right now, and staying that way for a good few hours, so I'll take up the slack.

Cain Marko has been shifted to the boathouse today, given that he's more comfortable there, and things are set up better over there to deal with his size. As far as his condition goes... he's basically showing the same symptoms of someone who has had a stroke; paralysis, but with sensation and reflexes and limited movement on his right side; difficulty speaking; needing assistance with eating, etc. This is, according to Moira and Charles, not permanent - he will, however, need a considerable amount of care and therapy before he's fit again.

This is where you come in. We're asking for volunteers to help monitor and care for Cain - at this point in time that will require people to sit with him, make sure the machines that go ping are pinging properly, and to help him with all the day-to-day stuff. Feed him, keep him entertained, that sort of thing. There's an alarm system rigged up to make a God-awful noise go off in the medlab if anything goes wrong, and a couple of teleporters on standby.

Visitors are allowed, provided you go through one of the medlab staff first - Cain needs rest and quiet, not aggravation and annoyance. I know one songbird at least who will be pleased to hear that. ;)

Edit: Volunteers to come down and be checked off by medlab staff as to your nursing knowledge, powers interference etc before you start. Which goes without saying, of course.

Edit the second: Red X training is more than adequate - I'll be running a session for all the volunteers on the equipment and care required after class tomorrow in the medlab - 6pm. All volunteers are required to attend.
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Okay, considering the music reverberating through the halls today, this is a bit late, but hey, like it was pointed out, good news needs spreading. Sorry about the delay, we've been in a bit of medical shock since it happened.

It seems that the incident with Cain the other night had an unexpected (to say the least) side effect. The best explanation we have is that there was some kind of spillover from Nathan and Amanda's 'first aid' treatment, but to all effects and purposes, Alison is cured. No more pain, no more sensitivity to sound.

The queue for hugs starts on the left. *grins*

I'll leave the report on Cain to Moira - she's the one who's been working with him more - but he had regained consciousness and will recover, although it will take some time. Nathan's also on the mend - he had a flare-up of the virus as a result of over-straining his powers.
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Medlab has been rather busy today and yesterday. To explain, there was a training accident involving Alison and Mr. Marko very late Monday night. Alison was injured, but will be all right; Cain was more severely injured and will be in medlab recovering for some time. Nathan and Amanda were involved in delivering some rather unconventional first aid; they'll both need some time to recover as well, although I believe Amanda will be released back to her room today, if she hasn't been already.

Everything's under control. I'd just ask you all to avoid making unnecessary trips to the medlab - they're rather busy down there, so let's allow them to devote their attention to their current patients without interruption, if possible.


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