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Apologies for not keeping you updated on Alison's condition - we were more busy dealing with it than reporting it. But, I have good news for you all.

Alison suffered a power overload, as some of you know, and for the past week she's been radiating dangerous levels of light and/or lasers. Sam, Paige and Shiro have been invaluable help in being our hands while she was too bright for us to get near, and thanks to Forge, we've been able to provide a largely-soundprood environment for her to power down in.

The last couple of days her levels are down far enough that Moira, Hank and I can go into the isolation room, and we've decided it would be best for her recovery if she had a change of scenery. To that end, Cain's old room has been fitted up as a sound-reduced environment and she'll be able to wear an adapted synthsilk suit and wander the halls a little. So, as of tomorrow, she'll be released, returning to medlab at night for observation until her condition improves further.

At this point in time, Alison's nervous system is still recovering. She'll be hupersensitive to sound and touch, and in considerable pain. Please keep this in mind and don't mob her all at once.

A very heartfelt thank you to everyone that helped out. Consider yourselves off duty for the duration. ;)


Nov. 6th, 2004 05:32 pm
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Brief, since we're insanely busy down here. Terry and Sean have both been released, although somewhat bruised and battered. Kyle is spending the night here since he may be suffering a concussion, but he should be fine. Amanda's healed Miles and we're keeping him a bit longer.

Alison... is stable. We do need help 'though. Forge, we could use your help on setting up some kind of sound baffle, and Paige, Shiro and Sam, since you're proof against energy, or are mostly, we may need you to act as our hands. Everyone else who is not one of our regular medlab helpers, please give us space to work.
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But here are the facts we have about what happened, before the rumors get started.

Some of you were aware that Alison had organized a shopping trip this afternoon. Accompanying her were Sean, Terry, Kyle, and Miles. A short time after they arrived at the mall, they were attacked by Magneto and the Brotherhood. Most, if not all of you, have probably seen the footage of what's left of the mall on the news by now.

Magneto's goal was to take Miles. He did not succeed. Miles is back here and safe, along with everyone else from Alison's group and the members of the team who went out after them when we got the signal from Miles' panic button. As far as we've heard, there were some civilians wounded, but no one was killed.

Sean, Terry, Kyle and Miles all suffered minor injuries in the fight, but will be fine. I can't give you many details about Alison's condition yet. Her powers were in a state of overload when she was brought back to the mansion, and Moira, Madelyn and Charles are doing what they can for her. Please avoid medlab except in case of emergency. When visitors are feasible, we'll let you know.

In terms of security, you may or may not have noticed the staff is at a heightened state of alert. Please watch the journals for any further announcements, keep an ear out for the telepaths, and stay aware of what's going on around you. If anything further happens, you'll know as soon as we do.


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