Aug. 20th, 2008 03:41 pm
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I don't think any of this has been said publicly, so to end the hallway whispers, I'll put it up.

Jay will be fine.  He's to be returned to us, probably with a caffeine addiction, as soon as possible, but is very stable at the moment and recovering accordingly.

If you can figure out the time zones for Scotland, you could probably even give him a call.  So long as you didn't figure out the time zones for Scotland just to call at four in the morning.

First, that's just mean and second, Moira won't have gone to sleep yet anyway. 
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So people know, Jay has become very sick with something his healing factor seems to be unable to fight off. Obviously, this is a major concern and he's moving down to the medlab and will be staying there under quarantine until we can figure out what's wrong. Yes, quarantine, which means no, you can't sit with him; either this is something so virulent his healing factor can't beat it or it's actively suppressing his mutation and either way we will not allow the rest of you to expose yourselves any further than you may already have, and he needs to be under complete supervision. If his symptoms worsen we are also considering that he may need to be moved to the Muir facility so Moira and Hank can better treat the failure of his mutation, but for now he'll be downstairs. If any of you begin to feel weak, nauseated or feverish you need to report to the medlab immediately.

I'm actually about to get on a plane here, but if any of you have questions please speak with Amelia.


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