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Except maybe to his Arabic students. *eg*

Haroun's new 'ware was installed yesterday with some small hitches, but nothing the Dream Team couldn't handle. There will be the usual adaptation time, and he'll need extensive physiotherapy to learn how to use it again, but he's recovering well from the demands of the spore cure and huge surgical sessions.

He should be back in the land of the conscious sometime tonight or tomorrow, albeit a bit groggy.

Well done, everyone involved, including those supporting our resident geniuses. This is definitely a win.

Doug, have you had that check up with your powers yet?
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Mr. al-Rashid was seriously injured this week and is currently being treated in medlab. His condition is stable but serious, and the doctors are going to need to be devoting the vast majority of their attention to helping him for the foreseeable future. What Doctor Bartlett said earlier about no unnecessary visits to the medlab stands; because of the circumstances surrounding Haroun's injury they need to take special precautions that aren't compatible with having extra people wandering around underfoot.

Anyone who would like to help out with deliveries of food and so forth to the medlab can coordinate through the helpers. I think Jubilee's already assisting on that front, but additional people would be welcome. There have already been a few days of very long hours and that's liable to go on for a while. The best thing the rest of us can do is make sure that it's made as easy on the medical staff as possible.

Mr. al-Rashid's classes can be considered on indefinite hiatus - and yes, I know they haven't started yet. Although we'll see what we can do about the Flight class as soon as possible.


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