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Okay, now that I and everybody else are back awake again . . .

Professor Xavier and I have determined that the series of comas Saturday were due to a powers-interaction between me and a mutant we met during the course of Friday's field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The extent of his evil plans was creating dream scenarios he could use to lift credit card information. Some of the staff brought him back to the school yesterday, and right now he's having a very long talk with the professor about what the incredibly bad career choice shuffling through other people's heads is. That identity theft thing is also kind of an issue. Since he was brought in equally unconscious I think it might be having an impact. Miss Sefton and Dr. Barroso are also here for the rest of the day, so we've got a couple of visitors.

I apologize for my part in the spontaneous comas. The professor and I figured out what the trigger was. My telepathy is pretty insular, so I didn't even realize a reaction like this could be an issue. Really never making that assumption again.
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By now it has come to everyone's attention that certain members of the staff and student body could not be woken this morning and have been moved to the infirmary. Ms. Sefton, whom some of you have met in the course of the weekend bus runs, is also with them. We have since determined the cause and are working to rectify the situation. The incapacitation is not harmful, nor is it contagious; it is merely the result of a unique interaction of certain mutant abilities. While rare, this sort of occurrence is certainly not unheard-of, and measures are being taken to rectify the situation.

Though I understand the frustration and worry many of you must be feeling at this point, what our friends and classmates primarily require is time and quiet. The doctors have requested that the infirmary be kept as clear as possible; while we have made an exception for the recently-arrived observer from Attilan, it would be best if everyone else continued on with their day as normally as possible, giving those in the infirmary the space and the peace they need for the duration.
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Since I've heard some questions about this I just thought I'd let everyone know that yes, tomorrow's field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art is still on. Transportation is going to be pretty shameless abuse of the normal weekend bus system but please confirm with me or Ms. Dane so we have a number on passes and arranged feedings, stuff like that. (Mr. Forge will also be chaperoning, but these aren't his area of arrangements.)


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