Nearly finished

To all who've been helping with the new jet - many, many thanks. All that needs finishing now are the interior accoutrements (team members, feel free to make comments on the jump seats, as it's your asses that are going to be in them) and loading the avionics and ancillary program libraries. Which should take a few days, but if my calculations are correct - which they are - the new craft should be flightworthy in about a week.

To that end, it does need naming. Suggestions are welcome.

A call for assistance

As most of you are aware, a week or so ago, the Blackbird met with an unfortunate accident. Specifically, a sudden case of gravity-induced rapid deceleration. In layman's terms, the plane crashed. Not to mince words, it's trashed beyond repair.


It can be rebuilt. There's enough salvageable material to get the project started, and more is on order. We can build ourselves a new jet from the ground up.

And that's where you come in. The general "you", in fact. With permission from Scott and the Professor, I'm making this an open project. If you would like to help rebuild the jet, your help will be more than welcome.

For those of you who have never done anything like this before, you don't have to have an aeronautics degree or metalworking experience or be a super-genius. A project like this requires countless facets of different work, and the more hands we have working, the better this can be.

On a serious note: you're all aware of what the team does, and why the ability to get from place to place rapidly and efficiently is important. Whether or not you have any desire to contribute with your abilities to the team directly, you should know that any help you can provide here will enable the team to keep doing what they do.

You might not be suiting up and going into dangerous situations, but any help that you can provide here will be a valued contribution.

Anyone who's interested, see myself or Mr. Summers for details. I will actually be away from the Institute from tomorrow morning through the weekend, but once I return, I will be taking a hands-on part in the reconstruction.

Thank you in advance.


The last couple of days.

Some of you might have noticed there's been something going on, between the people rushing around, the helicopter on the lawn, and the Blackbird going out and not coming back. We sent a small team out on what we thought was a simple trip to pick up a new student. It turned out to be a trap. Part of springing it involved crashing the Blackbird.

We've retrieved the people who were missing after the crash - who, incidentally, did a damned fine job of getting themselves at least mostly out of the mess they landed in. Forge is in hospital in the city for the time being, but we're hoping to get good news on his condition soon.

The Blackbird's a write-off. Expect to see what's left of it arriving home in a truck sometime soon.

I'm not going to add the usual comment about how you should feel to come talk to me if you have concerns, or want more details. I'm not the headmaster around here any longer, after all. You were all due the explanation of why the X-Men have been running around in circles for the last forty-eight hours, so that's what this is. I think we can all just be very glad this ended with a totaled jet and one person in the hospital. It could have been a lot worse.

So, your teachers are obviously back...

As those of you who were using the basketball court this morning undoubtedly noticed. Sorry about that; hope we didn't interrupt a particularly good game or anything.

Classes are still cancelled, even the ones this afternoon. Believe me, it's better this way. Most of your teachers are still trying to remember what time zone they're in, and whether it's today or tomorrow. The International Date Line is an evil thing.

Status Update.

I think most of you heard the plane landing not so long ago. This is just a note to let everyone know that there are no injuries and everyone is well if a touch out of breath.

For those of you expecting to get to make the usual joke, Nathan is not in the infirmary, and he is healthy just to spite those of you wanting to make that joke.

Holy crap.

Okay, did anybody else just see the plane landing, like, really really badly? I mean, I wouldn't mention except I'm pretty sure they winged one of the hoops and there were, like, scraping noises under the basketball court after it closed back up, and usually it's all smooth and nifty and stuff, and

Geez, is everybody OK? Stupid question, I know, they just got back and there hasn't been time to check and even less time to figure out how much to declassify, but . . . okay, better question, is there anything I can do to help? Even just calming down and making food or something, that'd work.