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Some people may already know this, but there was an incident today while volunteering at the soup kitchen. Adrienne Frost came into contact with an unknown mutant who was suffering some kind of medical issue. While trying to help him, he inadvertently caused a reaction with Adrienne's powers, amplifying them many many times beyond what she could handle.

As a result, Adrienne has been transported to Muir Island in a telepathic coma. Until they can reverse the effects, she must remain in her comatose state to survive. The staff at Muir at the best in the world and if anyone can help her, it's them. Unfortunately, due to the nature of her powers, it could correct itself tomorrow, next month, next year... or never. And before people start making offers, Moira assured me that if any of our resident geniuses or telepaths can help, she'll be in touch while she develops her treatment strategy.

Also, I want to make this clear, there is absolutely no signs, hints or proof that this was anything other than an unfortunate accident. The mutant involved is in a local hospital, has no record of any kind of association with any one hostile to the school or Adrienne, and has agreed to participate in whatever tests we need him to. This was an accident. Just a stupid, fucking accident-

So, if you have any questions, direct them at Muir. I'm told that she's left information for her colleagues in the agency and related to her business. If you're effected and you don't hear anything in the next few days, let me know.

Chess club

Jun. 7th, 2013 03:40 pm
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With the completion of the New York City Chess Tournament yesterday, the Xavier's School Chess Club has wrapped up its inaugural season and will resume in the autumn. All of our club members made significant improvements as the year progressed and deserve kudos for all their hard work.

I'm also happy to announce that the Club will be extending membership to former Xavier School students as well as current ones next season, since many of the tournaments we participate in are Open events for all ages.

And, since she didn't announce it herself, I wanted to make it known that Sue Storm placed fourth in the tournament yesterday and played some particularly magnificent chess throughout the day to get there, so please offer her your congratulations the next time you see her.
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In accordance with our bet yesterday, I have an annoucement to make. Adrienne Lucille Frost has bested me at a 18 hole game of golf at the Pine Valley Golf Course by a score of 76-116. Ms Frost finished 4 over par, with six birdies and six made pars on the course. Mr Kane finished 44 over par, with a new club record for a submitted score card of eleven triple bogies.

To complete the terms of the bet, a bottle of Martell Creation Grand Extra Cognac has been placed in the drinks safe for Ms Frost to collect. There is also a set of clubs for sale, currently missing the putter, 5 iron, 8 iron, 9 iron, 3 wood, 5 wood, and a slightly bent driver. Interested parties can pick it up from the mansion's dumpster out back.
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Okay, I just called my acting ceo and she's speaking in satirical odes. Some of the things she had to say would warrant a flaying under normal circumstances, but this is very uncharacteristic. Clearly this rhyming truth garbage is affecting her the same way it's taken over some of the people here.

What the hell is going on?
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Happy monday morning to all!

I've had a busy weekend getting settled in and preparing my classroom and lesson plans so I haven't been incredibly sociable, but I wanted to introduce myself to all before classes begin. I am Adrienne Frost (yes, I am Emma's younger sister, but we're not close, so please don't come to me asking for any gossip about Emma's childhood) and I'll be teaching math here at the school as a replacement for the series of substitutes who have been holding down the fort since your Bobby Drake left.

I created modeling and fashion design company 64 Square nearly ten years ago (a little note to any students who want extra credit- wear my label) but I've scaled back my responsibilities to the company to be here and improve young minds.

I am also a very avid chess player, and face-to-face matches have always appealed to me more than online games so if anyone wants to take on the challenge of playing me, email me or drop by my office. I have a beautiful lotus set in hand-carved camel bone I was able to procure from the Prime Minister of India that needs some breaking in.


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