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After a few days of writing thank you notes, finishing up with suppliers and sponsors and settling final matters, I am proud to announce that this evening has managed to raise


for Red X. The money will be used for training, equipment and if possible to assist those in stricken area's where Red X has assisted before.

Again, thank you to everyone who contributed to making this evening a success. Our volunteers for the auction, but also everyone else who attended or helped in any way.
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I hope everyone is almost ready for the Red X Benefit coming Saturday!!! I know I am.

There are only a few more tickets left if you want a nice evening out or if you just want to support everyone who is putting him or herself up for the auction to support Red X!
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There is a tsunami bearing down on the mutant island of Avalon and since it is not supposed to be inhabited, there is no official response. Everyone who can, meet Clarice and I in the front foyer by 4:20 p.m. Be prepared for evacuation and for first aid response - we only have two and a half hours before the wave arrives.
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(I actually remembered this time!)

Tonight's session will be starting after dinner in the rec room. We have a movie for afterwards - Dante's Peak, which Fred assures me is a masterpiece of what not to do in the disaster.

If you're curious about this Red X thing, do come along and ask questions!

Red X Event

Jan. 7th, 2014 12:42 pm
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It is the late notice, I know, but Red X has asked for volunteers to go into New York tonight and help the homeless to places that are warm. I would suggest that those who are temperature-proof would be the best options, so that we do not end up with frost-bitten volunteers as well!

I will be taking a group into New York around 4:00 p.m. As I am too short to drive the bus, I will need the volunteer to drive also!
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This Friday (October the 25th) is the last Friday of the month and that means it is the Red X sign up and training night. We'll be meeting in the common room - I have a movie for you about the San Diego earthquake and the Red Cross response afterwards, to give people an idea of what it is like. If you look very closely, you might even see some people you recognise. :)

If you're interested, I would love to talk to you about it. Let me know and we can arrange time to talk about things, or just come along on Friday. The session starts at 7:00 p.m.
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As those of you involved with Red X already know, a call has gone out for help with the recent flooding in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. People must be evacuated, even if they do not wish to leave, and some people who wish to leave will be trapped and unable to do so without help. Of course, there will be damage from the flood, and safety is a must.

If you are interested in helping out with Red X and have not already told someone that you will be going, please inform me, or one of the mansion residents currently involved in this summer's Red X field leader training program, of your intentions. We will be leaving early tomorrow morning.


Jul. 1st, 2008 07:14 pm
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When they say emergency all day meeting, turns out they mean it.

The Red Cross would like donations of your time, your money and your blood. The blood drive will be Thursday. Both donors and volunteers are needed.

Also needed are people to assist in the construction of aid package, people to help with organizational elements, and a host of other activities that I have lots of information about for anyone who is interested. Red X members, you should all be getting information in your email.

There's going to be a fundraiser in a couple weeks as well.
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Registered members of Red X will have already received information about this in an email but I thought I'd post it here as well.

Efforts in San Diego to do reconstruction after the earthquake have been on-going but things are going too slowly. So the Red Cross has sent out a call to its members asking for a donation of time and hard-work. Because Xavier's Spring Break is next week and we have such a stronghold of Red X members here, they'd asked us to come and help out.

I won't lie to you, it's going to be a lot of hard work. It's a chance to help people though and I think we can all get behind that.

Talk to any of the Red X members here for information on how to get involved.
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Around noon today, a state of emergency was declared in Kansas City. Some of you may have heard on the news of the very severe winter storm there this weekend. The situation has become increasingly grave, and the Red Cross is mobilizing to provide aid. I have just received a call from Red X asking for volunteers, who will be flown out this afternoon and this evening. Please inform me if you would like to offer your assistance.
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To the students,

As these holidays approach, many of you will be taking the time away
from the school with your families, and I would like to personally
express my wishes for safe travel and a happy Thanksgiving.

During this time of year, it is often traditional to give back to
one's community in some manner, something that I have watched with
pride as many of you have done in your own way these past few weeks.
Many of you have donated your time working with aid organizations,
others have participated in blood drives, and others have used their
gifts to assist in helping both here at the school and out in the

Another available way to help is Red-X, a subsidiary of the
International Red Cross, aimed at mutant-specific needs and solutions
in time of crisis. Red-X is a volunteer-supported organization, one
which many of our students and alumni have participated in. For those
who are interested, liaisons from the program will be here this
Wednesday evening in the main ballroom to answer any questions you may
have, as well as provide initial training in some of the basic first
aid techniques used in Red-X programs.

I have opened the ballroom for use to the Red-X personnel to
facilitate training for those students that will be interested, on a
continuing basis every first and third Wednesday. Those of you that
wish to volunteer to help locally may do so, and for those who wish to
be part of a volunteer crisis team, please see one of the staff
members to arrange parental permission for those under eighteen years
of age.

Once more, I would like to take the opportunity to thank each and
every one of you for what you are doing, and I do not exaggerate when
I say that I could not be more proud of all of you, my students.

Prof. Charles Xavier.
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As a result of this afternoon's events in San Diego, RedX has asked for all available volunteers for the relief efforts. Those of you without prior experience who wish to offer your assistance may; you will be paired with those who have worked with RedX before, or given tasks that do not require specialized training.

Another C-130 is leaving from Suffolk Field in three hours. Transportation will be provided to the airfield. Alternatively, you may also wait a few more hours and return to San Diego on the Blackbird, which is currently en route back to the mansion carrying injured team members.

I regret to say that I do not yet have specific information on the condition of the injured. Doctors Voght and MacTaggart have made the necessary preparations in the infirmary. We will let you know as soon as possible.
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Those of you in Red X should please assemble in the front hall; the Red Cross has requested that you lend your talents to the cleanup and rescue efforts following Hurricane Charlie's landfall in Florida. You may expect to be working into the evening, although they assure me you will be back tonight.

Anyone else who wishes to join the effort is encouraged to volunteer; I feel certain they will be glad of all the help we can give them.
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It's hardly fair for me to say that classes are cancelled for those who helped out tonight, since tomorrow is a holiday anyway. However, sleeping in will be encouraged for all and sundry.

Congratulations to everyone who came out to help, that was a huge success. I can't tell you how impressed I am at the skill and enthusiasm with which all of you set to making what could have been a very bad situation into something far less serious. Mr Schwartz wanted me to tell you that he's very grateful for your assistance and he'll be coming by the school when he can to thank you personally.

I'm incredibly proud of you all tonight. Thank you for showing what you're all truly capable of accomplishing when called upon to help others.

Now, I hope all of you are reading this tomorrow morning at the earliest. We'll have a very short debriefing after the Red X meeting tomorrow night.
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[posted at 7am today, followed by phone calls to each of the Red X volunteers. none /need/ to go, but the phone calls are made in case they didn't see the post on x-journal]

For those of you who are Red X volunteers, I have an announcement:

At 8am, a small airplane will depart the grounds, heading for Beekmantown, New York. There have been severe thunderstorms and these storms have caused quite a lot of damage to the neighboring city of Plattsburgh. Gather your gear, don your jacket, and congregate in the main hall. Red X officials will meet you there to take you to the plane.
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I have seen the discussion of peaceful activism and I am pleased by it. Idealism is never foolish and wanting to change the world for the better is always welcomed in these halls.

To that end, I would like to announce a new subsidiary of the American Red Cross, the Red X. This program is a new initiative by the Red Cross in which x-gene-positive mutants will be sent to various disaster areas in order to use the powers granted by their mutations to help with disaster relief.

I've spent the afternoon in talks with the director of this new program, who came to me to ask for funding. I've given that, of course, but I have also offered to supply a team of volunteers from among my students and staff.

Please let me know if you would be interested in participating in such a project.


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