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So after last weekend's fun, the Professor got in touch with some emergency relief folks what work in Manhattan, and they're having sort of a training symposium thing this weekend. What with the work you guys did in dealing with the mudslide, it got decided that you're all attending this as a group. Jono Starsmore's agreed to chaperone you all into the city, he'll be leaving with the van this afternoon. You guys are going to be staying at a hotel tonight, since the training stuff is starting early Saturday morning.

Betto, you're excused until Doc Voght clears you from your chicken pox.

Meggan, the Professor's said you're more than welcome to come along and get acquainted with the program.

The rest of you - behave yourselves and remember to learn something.
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Or more accurately, former treehouse. It looks like a few boards gave way, and one of the higher braces is cracked clear through. I know some of you use it as a getaway spot, but right now it's liable to break apart and drop you on your noggin if you try climbing up into it. I'll clear out the broken parts, but it appears that particular hideaway has seen its last day.
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Anyone who wants, there's going to be a fish fry out back around dinnertime tonight. Fried, grilled, barbecued, me and Dani went down and picked up a bunch at the local market this morning. Anyone who feels like helping out can come meet us out back - but anyone who tries tossing those little marshmallow birds on my nice clean grill is taking a swim, if you get the drift.
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To those of you who have expressed concern, Mr. Marko has taken a brief leave of absence from his duties at the school in order to fulfill a personal request from an old friend of the family. As Mr. Marko shared with the student body last summer, he lived in this house as a young man, before it became a school and was simply a home.

In his youth, Cain was very close to our cook and housekeeper, Mrs. Esmerelda Vance, who passed away earlier this week. Mrs. Vance was not only a fixture in this home, she was a friend and confidant to Cain and I, as well as a beloved wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. Yesterday, Cain and I travelled to Georgia for her memorial service, and discovered that one of her final wishes was to see the world, to travel to places that she had never been. My stepbrother has chosen to honor this request for her, and will be travelling in her stead for the next few weeks.

In the interim, I will be substituting as teacher for his Elementary History class, and I trust that both staff and student body will work together to remedy any maintenance issues that would normally fall under Mr. Marko's domain. Also, by Cain's request, if any of you would like to know more about what this home was like before it became the school you know today, you may feel free to approach myself or Mr. Marko and we would be happy to share our experiences with you.

Work call

Oct. 19th, 2006 12:49 pm
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As some of you might have noticed, we're starting to have fall weather here. The National Weather Service is saying we should be getting heavy rains starting this weekend, and those of you who've been here for a while know that means it's time to put up the storm windows.

And yes, for those of you who have counted, there are over one hundred windows in this house, although not all will need the storm shutters put on. Starting this afternoon and working until we're done - which (weather permitting) should be Friday afternoon - I'll be needing volunteers for a work crew.

No, you may not volunteer for a time you have class, Gibney.

Yes, Miss Amaquelin, you've already been volunteered.

As usual, folks who volunteer to help out get a few hours of extra credit from participating teachers, and get to come along to the Mr. Marko-sponsored pizza feast this weekend.

See me or drop a note in my box if you're interested in helping out.
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It's been brought to my attention by our school counselor (I don't care if you're "on a break", Dave. No one else has moved into the office yet) that some folks have had a bit of a stressful week with our prodigals coming home and with the start of classes and whatnot. Since this weekend officially ends summer, Mr. Haller and I are going to be chaperoning a very simple campout, in the clearing past the treeline on the North Lawn. Yes, you'll still be in easy walking distance of the mansion if it gets "too cold" or "too rainy" or if you're scared and need Mister Fluffy.

Campout starts at 6pm on Sunday night, and will end after daybreak Monday morning. Feel free to bring out tents, blankets, sleeping bags - they're all available for you to use, but leave the laptops and the CD players and the portable TVs in your rooms. There's a campfire pit for cooking marshmallows and hot dogs (and probably you can kebab yourself some veggies for the herbivores), and if you're still bored, there's a pretty well-lit horseshoe pitch out there.

So if you feel like tearing yourself away from the TV for a night and enjoying a bit of the simple life, grab your gear and meet out at the clearing tomorrow night after dinner. Alumni are welcome, too. Get to know the new kids, share the horror stories about Doc McCoy's swimwear or whatnot.

And no, before you ask, Mr. Marko will not build a log cabin for you, nor may you use me for anchoring your lean-to should it rain.

See you all out there.
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Specifically you younger folks - this "news" is a program on the television that lets people know what's going on in the world. Some of us old farts actually read it in a print form called a "newspaper", but that's because we're apparently old and behind the times.

But for those of you who were paying attention this morning, you might have noticed a lot of talk about what happened in San Diego last month. While there's still a lot of blood drives and relief stuff going on - and believe me, it is, even if the news isn't covering it - what you're going to see in the next few days is going to probably have a lot of people talking.

This morning, Magneto made a statement taking responsibility for the earthquake. For those of you who weren't there, that's the truth. And just like that mess at Liberty Island a few years back, this is going to get people all heated up about mutants. Only probably more so.

Some of you might hear people talking when you leave here. Some of you who're more open about what you are might get some harsh reactions from people. All I can say is this: don't be stupid.

No, I can probably say a bit more than that. You all know that I'm technically old enough to eat off the seniors' menu at Denny's, and while that's kind of a joke to folks, this is where it comes in a little handy. See, when I was younger than most of you, we had this thing going on called World War II. And I was only a toddler when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, but I grew up seeing how they got treated afterwards - because people were stupid. Something like that, it took years to get fixed. I'd like to think people are smarter now, but there's always going to be that loud bunch that ain't.

Don't be part of that loud bunch, from either end. People might try and tell you what happened in San Diego is something you're responsible for, or you ought to pay for. You're not, and it ain't.

But it might be wise the next few days to take things a little more cautious. Because there's people out there who'll probably be itching for a fight. And trust me, you don't need to give it to them.
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This is going to seem a little strange, given that all you kids are done with classes and that most of you adults are a little too old for them. But anyone who's got the time free at noon today, head on over to the big ballroom on the first floor. I got some stuff to say to everyone, and some things I think people need to hear. Shouldn't take long.
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All right, children. Some of you have parents visiting today and tomorrow. Some are even staying for the graduation ceremony Saturday morning. So for the next 48 hours or so, let's make sure everyone's on what passes for good behavior.

I know it's tradition to be going out and doing stupid things for the end of the school year, but let me be the first to reiterate the official zero tolerance policy for fooling around with stuff you shouldn't. No one wants another check for contraband, and this time I might just draft Logan into it. And if you thought Headmaster Summers was hard to deal with...

For those of you who're staying over the summer, graduated or not, and you want something to occupy your time with; see me after graduation on Saturday. I'll have some projects that can keep folks busy through the summer.

Standard common sense stuff still applies even when class is out. If you're going to go swimming in the lake, take a buddy who can swim. Don't go swimming after dark, and don't go poking around the boathouse making a ruckus unless you want to see if Mr. Dayspring can throw you across the lake. The canoes have been moved over to the tool shed, see me if you want to take one out on the lake. Yes, there is a good fishing spot on the north side. No, I won't tell you where it is. It's mine.

You kids survived another year. Someone should make a cake.
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As you might have heard mentioned, this weekend is going to entail a bit of moving around the house. Furniture will be arriving for the boathouse, stuff's going to need to be moved out of the boathouse and into the mansion, stuff's going to need to go out of the mansion into the boathouse - and it's going to need a number of hands.

While I suppose technically my loyal assistant has a neverending supply of manual labor, he's also needing to keep at least ONE brain occupied with studying. So Saturday, if anyone has free time and the inclination to help cart some boxes across the lawn and move furniture carefully up and down the steps, the usual free lunch is in it for you.

Yes, I know all the lunches here are free. But the pizza place with the arcade in town, I've been told, makes for some good bribery and incentive.
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Well, seeing as the past few days have been more than a bit blustery and today we've actually got some sun for a change, there's a lot of outdoor work that needs doing.

This is going to be volunteer work - mowing of the lawns, helping make minor repairs, cleaning out the fountains, that kind of thing. Anyone who volunteers gets the usual invite to Mr. Marko's back porch barbecue. Anyone who's hanging around where they're not particularly supposed to be, especially bothering some of our doctors or folks in that area may find themselves volunteered for the stables.

Anyone who's got a pollen allergy, there are masks in the tool shed. If you have any questions about what work needs to be done, find Jamie, he has the list.
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This Sunday, at 2pm, there will be a van headed for the city (that would be New York, to you non-locals), specifically to Saint Agnes' in Manhattan parish for the holiday choir. Anyone who wants to come along and behave themselves is welcome. If you're grounded, ask if you can go.

Dress nice.

New rule

Oct. 29th, 2005 11:02 pm
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If you kids (or adults - GUTHRIE!) have powers that do any of the following:
-make noise louder than the average TV set
-make any kind of fire, plasma, or anything else inherently property-destructive
-warp reality in any way
-leave behind scorch marks, slime, or other debris


Or use them outside. After having to replace a good chunk of burned carpet this afternoon, it should go without saying that I ain't happy.
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I know most of the class doesn't have access to the journals, on account of being about knee-high, but for those of you who do - I'll reiterate what I said this morning:

1) I do not mind being called "Mr. Marko". I am fine with "Sir". But in that classroom, we are not on a first-name basis, nor am I "Big Grumpy Man". Starting tomorrow, I'll have you copying pages out of the dictionary to help you remember should it happen again.

2) While I am older than you all, I was not around for the landing of the Mayflower, so stop asking me if the Pilgrims were nice, or if their kids played football. When we get to the parts of the class I have first-hand knowledge of, I will let you know.

3) This house has a wonderful kitchen, and a splendid dining room where you all have three well-prepared meals a day. That being said, whoever is stockpiling half-eaten Twinkies behind the bookcase has gained themselves some of Mr. Marko's special attention once I find out who you are.

4) Asking "please" will not get you out of Friday's quiz. Do not try the big puppy dog eyes, even if you have six of them. I am impervious to bullets, rockets, fire, and eight-year-olds.

5) Just because you see Mr. Dayspring wearing a tie to some of his classes does not mean I have to. I don't tell you how to dress, you don't tell me how to dress.

6) Class is only 30 minutes. You have 23 and a half hours for the rest of the day to use the bathroom. I am skeptical of the fact that six of you need to use it at the same time, all during my class.

Remember, this Friday is your first actual written quiz. I advise you to read the chapter on the John Smith and the first colony, and be ready for the questions.

As usual, if you need me, leave a note in my box by the kitchen.

Yard work

Apr. 28th, 2005 02:33 pm
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All right. Some of you little monsters may have noticed that it's spring again around here. That means everything's nice and green, and it's also nice and growing. Which in turn means there's a couple hundred acres of lawn out front and back that need mowing. Since at last count we have a wolf, a cat, a dragon and now a monkey as part of the student body but no cows or other large herbivores, this in turn means that some of you will need to become acquainted with the mowers.

Sunday is Lawn Care Day, for those so inclined to volunteer or those less inclined, to become volunteered. There's two ride-on mowers, don't bother volunteering for those if you're under fifteen. There are also six gas-powered push mowers, and one old-fashioned ribbon-wheel push mower for around the flowerbeds. The more volunteers I get, the quicker it'll get done. And if by some chance everyone's done by mid-afternoon, good ol' Mister Marko has a reputation of rewarding his labor force burgers and beer (if you're of age).

Call dibs here if you want, or find the sign-up sheet by my inbox in the foyer.


Mar. 17th, 2005 10:03 am
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Cassidy - the BOTH of you - learn to settle your little family spats quieter, or barring that, with less destruction to the landscape.

I'll expect to see the both of you today to make repairs, or so help me I'll drag you kicking and screaming off to do it.

Theresa - this isn't like you. You're a good kid, but I'm not cutting you any slack here.

Sean - You should damn well know better.
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1: For those of you to whom the quarry is not off-limits - consider it so until this rain stops. There was an erosion-influenced rockslide last night, and stuff's not quite stable around the edges. It's about a two-hundred foot drop and there's lots of hard stuff on that quarryside to bounce off of and make you go splat.

2: When the FBI comes to call, they do not need the good china.

3: Deliveries should start today for the new kitchen appliances and furniture that got all banged up from last week's events. If you're driving, don't park in front from noon until eight p.m.

4: For those of you who've been hunting deer, this is applicable. While on-grounds, there's an open-license standing with the county to allow you to hunt what's in season. See me if you need details on either hunting season specifics, or where the property boundaries end.

5: The big chair at the dining room table is, as you may have guessed, mine. Sit in it at your own risk, I'll likely arm-wrestle you for it if you try and snag it during meals.
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If you've got anything critical to your everyday life busted or broken (Yes, Lorna, I already know about the kitchen, you can stop paging me every ten minutes with a new problem) like a busted door or your keys don't work anymore or someone shot up your sink, let me know. I'll be around assessing damage, and should have a crew delivering materials this afternoon. It looks like collateral damage was kept to a minimum (yes, Lorna, except for the kitchen) and everyone followed the evacuation procedures to a T.

Once Doctor MacTaggart finishes sticking cold instruments places I'm sure they weren't meant to go, I shouldn't be hard to find.
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Moira was supposed to do this, but she's asleep right now, and staying that way for a good few hours, so I'll take up the slack.

Cain Marko has been shifted to the boathouse today, given that he's more comfortable there, and things are set up better over there to deal with his size. As far as his condition goes... he's basically showing the same symptoms of someone who has had a stroke; paralysis, but with sensation and reflexes and limited movement on his right side; difficulty speaking; needing assistance with eating, etc. This is, according to Moira and Charles, not permanent - he will, however, need a considerable amount of care and therapy before he's fit again.

This is where you come in. We're asking for volunteers to help monitor and care for Cain - at this point in time that will require people to sit with him, make sure the machines that go ping are pinging properly, and to help him with all the day-to-day stuff. Feed him, keep him entertained, that sort of thing. There's an alarm system rigged up to make a God-awful noise go off in the medlab if anything goes wrong, and a couple of teleporters on standby.

Visitors are allowed, provided you go through one of the medlab staff first - Cain needs rest and quiet, not aggravation and annoyance. I know one songbird at least who will be pleased to hear that. ;)

Edit: Volunteers to come down and be checked off by medlab staff as to your nursing knowledge, powers interference etc before you start. Which goes without saying, of course.

Edit the second: Red X training is more than adequate - I'll be running a session for all the volunteers on the equipment and care required after class tomorrow in the medlab - 6pm. All volunteers are required to attend.
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Medlab has been rather busy today and yesterday. To explain, there was a training accident involving Alison and Mr. Marko very late Monday night. Alison was injured, but will be all right; Cain was more severely injured and will be in medlab recovering for some time. Nathan and Amanda were involved in delivering some rather unconventional first aid; they'll both need some time to recover as well, although I believe Amanda will be released back to her room today, if she hasn't been already.

Everything's under control. I'd just ask you all to avoid making unnecessary trips to the medlab - they're rather busy down there, so let's allow them to devote their attention to their current patients without interruption, if possible.


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