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No, we have no clue what the thing is aside from "magic." Which is amazingly broad and could mean any number of things and books have proven completely useless so far. It's a curse, it's messing with people in no way that's easy to track aside from "causing pain," and we can't undo it until we know what exactly we're dealing with.

You're welcome to ask questions. I can't promise answers, but maybe you'll think of something we haven't.

And if you happen to be out and run into a tall white bloke with black hair and a British accent, just run.
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I'm sure everyone noticed the sudden spider invasion today. A couple of the kids somehow picked up a magic card game that released them (no one's fault except whoever cursed the cards). Amanda has them now, and is looking into it. We're going to check out the store and see what we can figure out.

Feel free to ask any questions, but I can't promise answers.

Also, I haven't seen the library since I ran out of it over an hour ago, but I'm assuming it's in shambles, so that'll be closed for the foreseeable future.


Feb. 12th, 2016 04:30 pm
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I don't know how to do this or what's necessary so bear with me. Some of the kids were kidnapped to another dimension, some more of the kids tried to go rescue them. Everyone who ended up over there is home now and...mostly alright.

Maya Lincoln-Lopez is unconscious in the med lab, not entirely certain what happened there but from what I've gathered she was possessed - or something like that. I'll give her a look over and Amanda can probably do a better job of that when she gets home. Hopefully being out of that world will help.

The kids we rescued who aren't ours have been dropped at a police station so they can be returned to their parents. Think we found the cause of all the recent kidnappings.

Any questions ask...someone preferably not me because my head is killing me and I can't think, but if someone wants to ask me you'd be better off waiting until tomorrow.


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