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I have tried many ways to write this post, but all of my words keep coming back to one phrase:

Welcome home.

I cannot express my relief and gratitude that you are all home and you are, for the most part, safe and well. I know you have gone through much pain and suffering and I want to let you all know that whatever you need in the way of healing, I hope you can find it here. If not here, then we can find whatever it is you need among our connections. If you need help - when you need help - there are options.

If anything, the events of the past month have proven that we are indeed a family. All of us. A family that supports each other, helps each other, regardless of circumstances or differences or history. We will need that, in the coming days as we work to move on, to recover from the hurts we have suffered. Please, hold onto that.


Now for the practicalities. Primarily, for those with families and commitments needing an explanation for your absence… for the past month the mansion has been under quarantine for a suspected case of Valley River Fever. Fortunately that turned out to be a false alarm and business will resume for the school and the Institute as per normal.

For the students, who missed their finals; your grades for the year will be determined from the year's work, rather than a final exam. There will be no need for summer classes, unless you were previously scheduled for them.

For the seniors, who also missed graduation, we will be holding a graduation ceremony mid-summer, to allow your family and friends to celebrate your completion of high school. Once we have had time to make the arrangements, an announcement will be made.

The kitchen has been completely and fully restocked with pre-made and ready to eat foods as well as the usual supplies. The hot water furnace is also primed and ready to handle the inevitable increase in shower use. And the laundry fairy may have been by and provided a change of linens to all of the beds.

Rest. Recover. Take comfort in your friends and your family. It is so good to have you all back.

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Reports are trickling in from Genosha. Our people walked straight into a trap and many of them have been captured. How many and who, I don't know yet. But I do know several of the students who were captured were rescued.

Those who are able, please check in as soon as possible. Regroup at the designated points. And above all, be safe.



May. 26th, 2012 11:25 pm
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We are in place.

The intelligence we've been able to gather is thin, but we feel it is accurate. A look over all the evidences points to just one thing; our people are being kept in the Genoshan capital of Hammer Bay, in a complex called 'The Citadel'. The complex is a combination of their main federal governmental agencies, the Genoshan Defense Force commanders and main base, and the executive offices of their leadership, including that of President David Moreau. From the people we've spoken with, the Citadel has a holding facility that is large enough to hold our people, and it is the only facility modern enough to hold the kind of suppression technology to keep that many mutants depowered.

We've been looking at the information, and we think we've identified some weak points. Small teams can get to their main power plant and tie in with the city grid, the security office, and the prison second. We can kill the power and scramble their defenses comms and chain of command long enough for the X-Men to punch a couple of teams through into the prison and get back out again. A large enough division should tie up their response teams long enough for us to get out of the Citadel and disappear. We can take some of the people into the city and hole up while the first batch is evacuated via the Blackbird. Then you can fly passovers and we can use the teleporters to clear the remaining people.

It's your call, but this is the best option that we've come up with using the information we have.

It hasn't been a complete success. We lost Vanessa Carlyle getting into Genosha. Marie-Ange doesn't believe she was killed, but she may be in custody or in hiding. Once we clear the others (and hopefully she's amoung them), we'll figure out how to confirm her status.
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After the kidnappings, I had contacted Pietro to warn him about the situation. He has just called me back again to let me know that Attilan has increased their security tenfold, especially after I had updated them about Rachel's kidnapping.

This also includes securing members of the royal family which, as was prudent, Pietro didn't go into details but I do not doubt they've gone to great lengths to protect all of them.

Those that have moved to the island (Dani and the others) have been accounted for and, if something were to happen, they will immediately contact the mansion.
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Rachel Dayspring was abducted from her family and I have also located her in Genosha.

Our allies, family and friends have been notified that they may be at risk and steps have been taken accordingly.

I have no further details on the condition of those taken, but given their status as hostages, I can only hope that they remain in good health.

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We now have a full tally of those who went missing yesterday:

Artie Maddicks
Jean-Paul Baubier
Madelyne Pryor
Callie Betto
Layla Miller
Korvus Rook'shir
Garrison Kane
Fred Dukes
Sooraya Qadir
Sarah Vale
Carmilla Black
Angelo Espinosa
Molly Hayes
Megan Gwynn
Matt Murdock
Amara Aquilla
Adrienne Frost
Meggan Szardos
Yvette Petrovic
Laurie Collins
Marius Laverne

It is also now clear that the abduction of our people from the rally was a deliberate act by the Genoshan government, as an act of retaliation for our actions in to assist Phillip Moreau and Jenny Ransome. For my actions. They know there are a number of pro-mutant organizations connected to the Institute, and that we have some degree of support from the government. They also know Magento was one of the founders of the school. And, finally, they know there is some connection between the Institute and the X-Men.

They know far too much and have apparently drawn the conclusion that the Institute is a training facility for Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants. In their eyes, we are all terrorists and what they have done is justifiable in terms of self-defence.

Their terms are simple; if there is any interference in Genoshan affairs that emanates from the school or our allies, those taken will never be seen again. If we cooperate, they will be slowly returned so long as we continue not to interfere.

This situation impacts us all and there will be numerous discussions regarding what our next step should be. This is the first of those discussions. Please, speak your minds - we are, in this case, all together in this.



May. 18th, 2012 10:01 pm
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Time is of the essence, so I will keep this brief. Using Cerebro, I have determined those students and staff members who disappeared from the rally were in Genosha, before I lost all trace of them. I will continue my efforts, but they have disappeared from detection for now.

I am also currently attempting to contact someone from the Genoshan embassy or one of my contacts there to get information as to why they might have been taken there.



Feb. 6th, 2012 12:49 pm
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Greetings, all:

We will be having two temporary guests at the school, Phillip Moreau and Jenny Ransome, who will be staying with us temporarily before relocating to Muir Island. Some of you may recognise their names from recent news stories; they have come to America seeking asylum from Genosha, and I hope you will all make them feel welcome.

Thank you,

Professor Charles Xavier.


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