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I am kidnapping Sarah. I am telling you so no one like freaks out or anything when you realize we're not around. It's her birthday, which you probably know, and obviously this birthday SUCKS. So we're going driving because she needs to stop thinking and there is like a way better chance of getting her to smile if she's not here.

We will have our phones. We're borrowing a car from the garage and I think those all have GPS too right? And if people are super worried you can call us every hour on the hour to check in. Totes fine. We might be out late. I will call in at 10 no matter what.

Some slack on the curfew thing would be massively appreciated but you can ground me for it if you want when I get back. Because, dude, girlfriend smiling on birthday is WAY more important than not being grounded when I am totally telling you to track our every move if you want.

Much Love,

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I wanted to let everyone know that Layla and Jean-Phillipe are back from the ER. They're both in the Medlab for the night at least. Please ask Dr. Grey-Summers or Dr. Voght before attempting to see them. They should both be fine, however -- they're in the Medlab for exhaustion, not injury.

I've also been told that Maddie is in the Box for the night dealing with a feedback headache, and Matt is in his room doing the same. While there is no medical reason not to visit/feed them if they're up for visitors, I think they would appreciate it if it was done quietly.

I'm sorry to say we don't have any more information on what happened today than we did this morning. However, the police, FBI, and SHIELD are all looking into it.


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